Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Freya True Blood Tutorial (Sky's Scraps)

Supplies Used:
Tubes are by Freya Langford Sidebottom. Cause she is the most brutal badass chickie and I loves her to death :) Get them at PSP Asylum HERE

Scrapkit is True Blood by Sky's Scraps and you can get is at SATC HERE

Mask is called These Walls by my good friend Nita. I have uploaded it with permission HERE

Jellyka Vampire Street

Ok let's get started.
Open a new image 800 by 800.

C/P Mausoleum (E13). Effects, Artistic Effects, Aged newspaper with these settings...

Resize by 75%. Move slightly to the left of your canvas.Dropshadow.

C/P frame 5. Move slightly to the right of your canvas so it  overlaps in the middle.

Use your magic wand tool to click inside the frame. Selections, modify, expand by 5. New Raster Layer. C/P paper 10 into selection. Deselect and move under your frame layer. Select frame layer. Dropshadow.

C/P Moon . Position under mausoleum.

C/P Tree (e17). Adjust hue and saturation both at 0. Resize by 75%. I used my deform tool to squish the tree horizontally. Position under Mausoleum. When happy with the position duplicate. Change layer properties on top layer to Hard Light. Dropshadow.

At this point I added my tubes. On Sookie (female) I used my eraser tool to remove bits covering the skulls. Dropshadow.

On Bill (male) I resized by 75%. Dropshadow. I moved Bill so that the bottom was lined up on the mausoleum base.

C/P Alter. Resize by 40%. Position over the corner of the mausoleum and tree.

C/P element e4. Resize by 30%. I used my lasso tool to remove the stand part of the element and position so it looks like it is sitting on the steps of the alter.

C/P Book element. Resize by 30%. Position to cover the bottom of your smaller tube.

C/P Element e8. (candle skull) Resize by 50%. Position over the edge of the book and the skull cluster from your frame.

C/P element e5. Resize by 75%. Duplicate. Move duplicate slightly down and over .

C/P Element E9. Effects, Artistic Effects, Aged Newspaper. Resize by 50%. Postions over the bottom of your tall candles to hide the bases.

C/P Rat 4 Element. Resize by 30% and position on the bottom corner of the alter.
C/P Chalice. Resize by 20%. Duplicate and position one on each side of the alter. I duplicated my skull candle and resized it to fit between the Chalices.

On you bottom layer. Add New raster layer. Selection. Select all. C/P paper 1 into selection. Select none. Add a new raster layer and floodfill with black. Layers, New mask layer, From Image. Add These walls mask. Layers, Merge group.

Add Copyright and watermark.

Add your name. I used color #c80202. Effects, 3d Effects, Inner bevel with these settings...

Now just add dropshadow.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial :)

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