Thursday, September 1, 2011

Harley Quinn Tutorial

Supplies I used:
Tube by Scotts Sketches which is available at PSP Asylum HERE
Scrapkit is Called Harley Queen By Broken Dreams Scraps. I bought this at SATC HERE

Font Used:

 Filters used:
Eyecandy 4000 Glass and Gradient Glow

Open the spiked frame. I like to work on a large canvas so I went to Image, Canvas Size, New dimensions both set to 800.

Copy and paste star frame. Resize by 115% making sure all layers is unchecked. Move this BELOW your spiked frame layer.

Back on spike frame layer using your magic wand tool click the inside circle of the frame. Selections, select all, float, Defloat. Modify Expand by 5. Add a new raster layer and flood fill with black. While still selected add another new raster layer. Copy and paste paper 11 into selection. Change Layer Properties to hardlight. making sure the paper layer stays over the black layer move both layers so they are under your spike frame layer. Deselect.

Add your tube so it is positioned on the right side of the frame. There are a million different ways to fit your tube into a frame but for this tag I duplicated the spike frame layer and moved it over my tube. Using your lasso or selection tool delete the bits covering the tube you don't want. If the tube is still sticking out under the frame select the tube layer and remove the extra bits with your eraser tool.

Add dropshadow of choice to your BOTTOM spike frame, star frame, and Tube Layers.

Copy and paste element 27 Mask. Resize by 50%. Using your deform tool position mask so it overlaps the frame a bit. Add Drop Shadow.

Copy and paste element 5 (Discoball). Resize by 35%. Move under your frame layer and position. If the chain is too long just use your eraser to remove the excess. Dropshadow.

Copy and paste element 31 (Christmas lights) over the discoball. I duplicated mine and resize by 75% moving them slightly up and to the right. No dropshadow on this layer.

Copy and paste element 44 above your background layer. Duplicate and mirror. Dropshadow.

Copy and paste element 53 (bloodsplatter) over the element 44 layer. I duplicated mine a few times and positioned them around my main layers.
Copy and paste element 56 (Chains) Under your tube layer. Resize by 50%. Mirror. I lined mine up with the side of the discoball.

Copy and paste element 51 (Feather frame) as a new layer. Resize by 40%. Use your deform tool to add an angle to it. I line the base of the fan up to the spike on the frame. Dropshadow.

Copy and Paste element 34(goblets). Resize by 50%. Dropshadow. Duplicate and move one down or up just slightly so they are barely overlapping.

Copy and paste element 23 (bomb). Resize by 50% 2 times. Dropshadow. Duplicate a few times and position as you like. (you don't really have to use the bomb you could always use another element or even just move the glasses more towards the middle of the fan. I used them cause if you are a comic fan you know just how well they fit with the tube LOL)

Resize your image if you choose. I usually resize mine to 500 pixels wide. Sharpen any layers you wish.

I tend to add my copyright and watermark before my name and save now just so I can come back to my blank later but if you are just making a personal tag save this step till last :)

Add your name. I used the font Dreamscar . Color a92b27. Type out your text and position. Convert to raster layer. Eyecandy 4000 glass default setting but change the glass color to match. Then Eyecandy 4000 Gradient glow in black. Default but change the size to 3.

Thanks for trying my tutorial.

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