Friday, September 30, 2011

I love my Curves Scrap Tut....

Supplies used:
I Love My Curves tube from my amazing friend Ralf Straaberg. It is so awesome to have a sexy curvy girl :) You can get the tube from DSI

Scrapkit called a Touch Of Color from Created By Jill. You can get this kit at SATC
SF Hollywood Hills

Filter (not required)
EyeCandy 4000 (Glass and Gradient glow)

Let's get started:

Open a new image 800x 800. (I change my canvas size all the time when making tags but this is what me resizes are based on)

C/P Sofa element. Move about 3/4 of the way down your canvas.

C/P Panel element. I used my deform tool to make the panel line up just BEHIND my couch.

UNDER your panel layer C/P Mesh. Resize by 75%

C/P mask. Duplicate. Mirror. Merge down. I used my eraser to remove the bits that showed under the couch. 

Select you couch layer. C/P tube and position as desired. Add drop shadow.

C/P light element. I used the manual color correction to change my lamps to black instead of blue. Resize by 50% then 75%. Position so it looks like the lamp is hanging from the panel layer. Use your eraser tool to remove any excess chain. Duplicate and mirror. I moved my duplicate up slightly and erased the excess chain.
Position elements as desired. I used the following elements and resized them to fit my tag.

Leaves 3-50%
Feather 30% (On the top feathers I went to effects, edge effects, enhance more)
Doodle 30% (I used manual color correction to make the doodle darker)
Flower 2 30% (I used this the color it was and adjusted the color to black as well)
Leaves 2 30%
Leaves 1 30%
Flower 1 10% and 50%
Fan 30% (duplicate then 75%)

Select your bottom layer. Selections, select all, paste paper 5 into selection. You can always skip this step but I like the way the paper looked.

Add Copyright and watermark.
Close your background layer. Layers Merge Visible. reopen your background.

Now BETWEEN your merged layer and background type out your text. I used the following filters on my name...

save your tag and enjoy :)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Creepy And Kooky Tag show off...

Just showing off this cute little tag I made with Crystal's Creations kit called Spooks 4 Treats. You can get it HERE. (FYI...Angel's Designs has a matching kit and they can be bought together as a collab only at Digi Foxs Studio) Sorry no tut because I can't focus today to write it all out.It is just a matter of moving the elements side to side and up and down. I hope you like it :)

Monday, September 19, 2011

What's Cookin tut...

Supplies Used:
Bad cook tube by Sky's Scraps. Get it at SATC

Scrapkit by WICKED PRINCESS called Mama and me. Get it at DESIGNER SCRAPS.

Filters used:
Eye Candy 4000 (Glass and Gradient Glow)

Fonts used:

Mask and texture of choice (I am terrible at keeping track of where I get mine. Pretty sure the mask is from Creative Misfits. The texture you guess is as good as mine.)

Open a new image 600x600.
C/P your tube as a new layer.
Use you preset shape tool to draw out a large circle. Go to objects, Align, Center in canvas. Convert to raster layer.
Selections, select all, float. Contract by 20. Delete. you should have your frame now. Position you tube in frame.
Add eye candy 4000 glass with these settings to frame...
Use you magic wand tool on the frame layer to select the inside of the frame. Selections, Modify, Expand by 5. Add a new raster layer. Using 2 colors from your tube floodfill with the gradient. Keep selected but move below the frame layer. Add a new layer and using black floodfill with your texture (Or skip it LOL)

For this tag I duplicated my frame. Moved it up above my tube and erased what I didnt want. Be sure to erase any tube that hangs over the edges.

Use the Daisy font I added my wordart. Add Eyecandy 4000 glass same settings as before. Then eyecandy 4000 Gradient glow with these settings. Be sure tab 2 is set to Fat and both are set to your color (I used the color of the pan)

Dropshadow word art.

I added the following elements resized by 30% on the right
Cupcake Pan
Mixing bowl
Wooden spoon (Mirror)
Wisk (Flip)
Rolling pin 2 (I used deform to position this one)

And the following elements on the right resized by 20%
Cake Slice
Chocolate Pile

My names I used the Segoe font and used the blue from my gradient.
Inner Bevel...

Then Gradient glow...I just removed one slider on the second tab.

select background layer and floodfill with you Gradient. Add mask.

Add you copyright and watermark.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Halloween Hijinks tut Result!!

This awesome tag was made by my girl Magik!! I love it so very much! I met her cause we are both addicted to the band HIM. So if you are an addict like the 2 of us and many others you can join us in one of our forums :) HIM Addicts or Dark Light. I love that she went with those little Vampires :) Thanks so much Magik!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

No Scraps Animated Beware Tut

Supplies used:
Tube was a bonus tube By Dave Nestler from CILM. This tube has not been re-released as of the date I am writing this but I bet if you bug em at CDO they would consider it. Dave's other images are sold there. (really any tube with Jack-o-lanterns works. Or a tube and jack-O-Lantern element.)

I also used 2 different masks. The first one is Vix Halloween Mask 0905. (It's in set 27, October, 2009). Get it HERE.
Mask 2 is from Creative Misfits. It is the DotD Mask by Pink rose from a grunge set. Get it HERE.

EyeCandy 4000 (Gradient Glow)

Exquisite Corpse

Ok this is an easy one :)

Open a new image 600 by 600. Floodfill black (Or white as this is your background)

Add a new Raster Layer. Floodfill a color from you tube. I used the dark orange from my tube.

New raster layer. Floodfill with a black texture. I used Wet fall leaves. I THINK this came with my psp but I dont remember. If you don't have it is ok. You can use any texture as we will be adding our mask to it later. Merge down to your orange layer.

Add new raster layer. Floodfill with Black. Add your Vix Halloween Mask. This will serve as the base for you tag.

Now with your selection tool set to rectangle carefully select JUST the wordart on both sides of you mask. promote selection to layer. Back on your mask layer delete the words and deselect.

Add gradient glow in Orange (Or whatever color you are working with) With these settings...

C/P your tube. Mine I used resize and deform so it would line up with the edges of the mask. Add dropshadow of choice.

Because of my tube I move my Wordart up and used the deform tool to move it in to cover the sides. You can skip this if it doesn't apply :)

Add eye Candy Gradient Glow same settings at before but change tab 2 so it looks like this....

Add dropshadow.
Back on your texture layer add the grunge mask. I positioned mine so that you can only see it at the top of the tag.

Now to work on the easy animation. Duplicate your tube for a total of 3. Use your lasso tool to select around the mouth and eyes of the Jack-O-Lantern.

Now just ignore your bottom tube layer of now. Select your middle tube layer. While still selected Adjust brightness and contrast with these settings.


On the top tube layer use the same settings and adjust brightness and contrast but do it 2 times.
Add your copyright and watermark.

Close your top 2 tube layers. Copy merged and paste into animation shop.

Now close tube layer 1. Open tube layer 2. Copy merged. Paste into animation shop after current frame.

Close Layer 2. Open tube layer 3. Copy merged. Paste into animation shop after current frame.
Now you can stop there but I wanted to add just a bit more depth so I did 2 more frames.

Close Layer 3. Open tube layer 2. Copy merged. Paste into animation shop after current frame.

Close Layer 2. Open tube layer 1. Copy merged. Paste into animation shop after current frame.

Now back in PSP make your name. Add the same gradient glow but I changed my sliders so it was more orange than black. C/P JUST your name layer. in Animation shop as a new animation. Make sure Propagate paste is checked. On your tag click the first frame then select all. Drag your name to the first frame. Position and save.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Anarchy Mini Tut...

Supplies I used:
Awesome new tube by Celinart called Cyber. Get it at SATC

Kit is also By Celinart and is called Pink Punk. This is also from SATC

Texture of choice. (I used a texture not a paper under the words but a paper works too.)

Aquarebel315 Template #88. Get it from her blog AquaRebel315

Mask from Creative Misfits.Grunge Mask 2 by Rose. Grunge masks set on the blog HERE.

Eyecandy 4000 (Gradient glow and Glass)

GFY Otep

From the kit I used:
Paper 16
Ceinture(Belt) 2X
Diadem (Tiara,On the tube)
Fleure 03
Girl (Brass Knuckles)
Menotte 02 (Cuffs in tubes hand)
Skull 02

Have fun! I would love to see results!!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Wicked Tut Result...

Another just awesome result from my wicked tut. I really love this tag by Gaby! And Guess what!! Gaby is a tut writer too!! Visit her blog Disturbed By Gaby.

Barbara Jensen Burlesque Snaggables

Hope you all like this set. I made it with the awesome Barbara Jensen exclusive available at SATC.
The kit I used is FTU called A Thousand Stars 
You can find tons of goodies on here blog Imagic Reflections

The first 2 tags are a bit of a personal joke buy if you can use em feel free to grab em ;) Click for fullsize cause I am a dummy and didnt resize em to fit this time!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Wicked tut results!!

This tag was made by Bonnie in one of my yahoo groups!! I am so flattered she decided to do my tut that I need to show it off!! She did an awesome job!! You can always send your results to me and I will post them :) My Email is

Megan Mini tut

Ok so what do I mean by minitut? I will be giving you all the info you need Including the kit, Template, Tube Info, etc. Basically whatever info you need to make the tag. But that is it. I will tell you everything I used and you gotta make it. Why would I post a tut like this?? Cause the tag is not complicated and you can figure it out easily :) Plus I don't want to type it all out. The last tut was a monster and I dont feel like it LOL.If you really need help just ask :)

Supplies used:

Tube Is by Ralf Straaberg. And guess what!! It is FREE!! Ralf is a super nice guy so show him some love for all his hard work!! You can get the tubes and loads of his other work at Dreamscape Imaging.

Template I got from a challenge I did. You can get it at Scraps Dimensions. It is template #11.

Kit is called In The Still Of The Night by Sweet Cravings Scraps. You can get it at TKO Scraps.

Eyecandy 4000 (Glass and Gradient glow) I am sure it can be done with just inner bevel and dropshadow too :)

Edwardian Script.

Here is what I used:

Flower 4
Flower 10

Thanks so much for looking :)

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Chad Michael Ward Wicked tut....

WARNING!! This tut is not for the faint of heart. For one thing it is Gore Whore to the core ;) It is super heavy on filters and I am not sure how well it will read cause I jumped around a lot while I was making the tag. I will do my best to explain as clear as possible but if you have any questions just ask and I will try to explain better. That being said if you are offended by boobs and blood this is not the place for you. This may be the first really gory tag I have tried to tut but I tell you right now I do loves me some blood ^.^

Supplies I used:
Tube from Chad Michael Ward. He used to sell at MPT but I don't think he has resigned anywhere. You can find his art just to check out HERE. (If I may make a suggestion Freya Langford-Sidebottom has a cool Zombie at PSP Asylum that could work too. You can find her tubes HERE)

Template By Crazy Cakes Scraps Called Halloween Series Wicked Witch. Get it from her blog HERE

Horror Whorez Scrapkit By Gothic Inspirations HERE

Masks I have posted down where you will use them:
Broken Mask was made by my good friend Nita.
The other mask is just a random mash I made and never named properly. I used a tree mask that someone made years ago....Cut the trunk of the tree off and duplicated the branches till I had this.

Filters & Effects Used:
Eyecandy 4000 (Gradient Glow, Marble, Drip, HSB Noise)
PSP Effect: Pinch

Font used:

Ok Let's Get started. I am gonna go through all the template work then we will go back and actually make our tag.

Open your Template. First thing I did was delete the following layers:
Layers 1, 2, 5, & 6

Next I moved my words layer all the way to the edge of layer 4. Go to adjust, color balance, Negative image. This will turn your words black.
I moved layers 3 & 4 so they are closer to the middle of the tag. Move up slightly so your text does not cover your boxes.

Select layer 11. Add Eyecandy 4000 HSB Noise with these settings.
Now working from the bottom up

Select Layer 12. Selections, Select all, float, Defloat. New Raster layer. C/P paper 3 into selection. Deselect. Adjust, Sharpness, Sharpen. Add Gradient glow in bright red with the following settings (These are the settings you need til I tell you to change them.

 Delete layer 12.

Select layer 8. Selections, Select all, Float, Defloat. Add new raster layer. C/P Paper 5 Into selection. Deselect. Add Gradient Glow. Delete layer 8. Repeat these steps for layer 9.

Layer 7 may be a little tricky so I will do the best I can to explain. Use your selection tool set to a rectangle shape to select HALF of this layer. Apple Eyecandy 4000 Marble with the following settings.

Select none. On the other side of layer 7 C/P your tube as a new layer. Change properties to Screen. I set my opacity to 38% but this will very depending on your tube.
Select Layer 4. Selections, Select all, Float, Defloat. Add new raster layer. C/P paper 4 into selection. Deselect. Delete layer 4.

Select Layer 3. Selections, Select all, Float, Defloat. Add new raster layer. C/P paper 9 into selection. Deselect. Delete layer 3.
Ok time to get a bit more difficult. Select layer 7. Use your pen tool set to a width of 6. Foreground nil background a "bloody" color. Draw out a line that runs the length of the layer. Rename blood so it is easy to find during animation. Duplicate 3 times. Add eye candy 4000 Drip to each of your lines. Don't forget to click random seed on each line. If you don't hit random seed the animation won't work. Then again...It doesn't have to be animated :)

Select Raster 3. This should be your red paper layer but if not just select the red layer. C/P your tube. Mirror. Because of how my tube is cut I just lined it up in the corner of the paper but if you use a different tube just use your erased tool to clean up the edges that stick out. Dropshadow.
C/P Leaves. Resize by 50%. Duplicate 2 times for a total of 3. Use these along the top to cover up your pen line. This way you only see the blood. Move under your tube layer.

C/P Bloody Glass. Resize by 75%. Position at the bottom of your tube and paper layers.

C/P Bloody leaves. Resize by 50%. Position on the right corner of your tube layer so you can see the bloody glass underneath.

C/P Heart. Resize by 50% 2x. Position over your bloody leaves layer. Rename to heart so it is easier to find during the animation stage. On the middle layer only Use your lasso tool to select ONLY the heart portion of the element. Effects, Distortion Effects, Pinch. These are my settings...

C/P Needle element. Resize by 50%. I used my deform tool to position it so that the tip of the needle sits in the blood from your heart element.

C/P Splatter 3. Resize by 50%. Paste over the far left corner of your broken glass element. (Really you can skip this if you want but I say the bloodier the better mwahahahaha)

C/P Razor. Resize by 50%. Position over blood splatter (Or blood glass if you skipped the extra blood)

C/P Vials. Resize by 50% 2x. Position so the tops over just over the bloody glass.

C/P Drink. Resize by 50%. Position UNDER the edge of your razor layer. Duplicate and move slightly up and to the left.

Now the mask layers. Select your bottom layer.Add a new raster layer. Floodfill Blood red. Add the following mask from image...
Merge group. Add a black Gradient glow.

Select your bottom layer again. New Raster layer. Floodfill black. Add the same mask again. Merge group. Mirror. Add red Gradient glow.
Now ABOVE these mask layers add another raster layer. Floodfill bloodred. New mask layer from image with this mask...

Now select you bottom layer one more time and floodfill with the color of your choice. I used black since it is a gore tag ^.^
At this point I added my copyright and watermark. I am gonna take you through the quick animation steps but you can always skip those and follow the steps at the bottom for you font if you choose.

Close the following layers.
Heart 2 & 3
Blood 2 &3

Copy Merged. Paste into Animation shop.

Now close layers heart and blood 1. Open layers heart 2 and blood 2.

Copy Merged. Paste into Animation shop.

Now close layers heart and blood 2. Open layers heart 3 and blood 3.

Copy Merged. Paste into Animation shop.
Now click on your first frame. Edit, Select all.
Animation, Frame properties, Set to 50. You can always set it lower but I liked how this looked. If you want to save this as a blank do so now.

Back in PSP let's do our name. Type out your name in you blood red color using your font of choice. Your setting my vary depending on your font but this is what I did to achieve mine. Effects, 3d effects, Inner Bevel with these settings...
Eyecandy 4000 Gradient glow. Be sure to change your red to a bright red so it will stand out. Same settings as before but change the second tab

Add Dropshadow of choice.

Copy JUST your name layer.

Paste in animation shop as a new animation. Go to edit and make sure Propagate paste it checked. Now just drag your name to your tag and save. I really hope you achieved the result you thought you would. Like I said any questions just let me know and I will do the best I can to help :)
Here is the unanimated version...

I really hope you enjoyed this tut. Hopefully I explained it well. Thanks so much for trying :)