Sunday, September 4, 2011

Death Becomes Her Tutorial

Supplies used:
Death Becomes Her kit by  Wicked Princess Scraps and is available exclusively as a collab kit for T.A.G at PSP Asylum. It come with a tube by Gray Rudisill. Get it HERE 
Tube is by Martin Abel. It was purchased at CILM which is no longer open. However Martin is now at CDO and you can buy his work HERE

Filters Used:
Eye Candy 4000
Gradient glow, Glass, HSB Noise

Font used:
Vulgar Display Of Power

Open a new image size 800 by 800. I have a habit of resizing my canvas as I go so if you don't have enough room just make your canvas size larger.

C/P WP_DBH_WINDOW ARCH as a new layer.

C/P WP_DBH_WINGEDFRAME under the window. using your deform tool stretch so that the wings run the length of the window.

Back on window layer use your magic wand tool to select the inside of the window. Selections Modify, expand by 5. Add a new raster layer. C/P paper of your choice into selection. ( I used paper 16) Deselect. move this under your window layer.

C/P your tube. I used a half size tube so i place mine right in the ledge of the window. (BTW...If you use a different tube you could always add element WP_DBH_Cane to get some similar designs ) Add dropshadow. These are my settings...

C/P WP_DBH_TRIBAL ORCHID. Resize by 75%. Adjust Sharpness, Sharpen More. Duplicate, Mirror. Line up with the bottom of you window.
C/P WP_DBH_ROSE. Resize by 40%. Duplicate, Mirror. Place just off center over each side of the tribal orchids.

C/P WP_DBH_ROSEBRANCH. Resize by 20%. Position between your 2 black roses. I moved mine under the top black rose.

C/P WP_DBH_CANDELABRA. Resize by 75%. Position on the bottom right of your window. I moved mine under my flower layer. Dropshadow.

C/P WP_DBH_GOTHICGOBLET. Resize by 30%. Dropshadow. Duplicate and and move down so they are slightly overlapping.

C/P WP_DBH_Bottle. Resize by 40%. Move slightly to the right and line up with your bottom goblet.

Add your watermark and Copyright.

For the text:
Type out your text UNDER all your layers. I used color 562e83. Convert to raster layer.

Add eye candy HSB Noise with these settings:

Then Glass....

Then Gradient glow....
Then dropshadow same as before. Resize and your are done. Hope you enjoyed my tutorial :)

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