Saturday, September 3, 2011

Bile Style Tutorial

Supplies I Used:
Tube is an Exclusive from Celine Pinupart. This is no longer available but you can find loads of other art by here from SATC HERE.

Kit is a Collab from Foxy's Designz and Angel's Designz called Toxic Love. Both kits are used in this tutorial so you have to buy the collab not the individual kits. You can get it from Digifox studio HERE

I used song lyrics from one of my favorite bands of all time Bile. Song is called In League. you can check the band out HERE

Filters Used:
Eye Candy 4000 Gradient Glow and Glass

Font Used:
Misfit 2

Open Element Mesh1_FD. Image Canvas Size. Change to 800 pixels. Image, Resize, All Layers Unchecked. Rezise by 90%.

Selections, Select all. Add new raster layer. C/P AD_Tagback into selection. Deselect and move under your mesh layer. Change Properties on mesh layer to Hard Light.

C/P DangerSign_FD. Resize by 30%. Postion under the hole in the mesh layer. Chance layer properties to screen. Opacity to 70.

C/P toxicSign_FD under the mesh. Resize by 40%. Change Opacity to screen.

At this point I added my tube cause I knew I wanted to work around her. You can always add your tube at the end. I added my used dropshadow of 2,2,50,5. (FYI...If you use the same tube you will need to resize by 75%) Place tube to the right side of the tag.

C/P AD_Stonelights. Resize by 50%. Line up with the top left of the mesh layer. Image, Duplicate. Mirror.

C/P AD_Dead Tree Under your tube. Add Gradient Glow. Default but with Glow Width 3. I used Color #94e342. Effects, 3d effects, add same drop shadow as before. Duplicate and move down to fill out that side of the tag.

C/P AD_Fence. Resize by 50%. I duplicate mine 2x for a total of 3. Postion at the bottom of the tag. Dropshadow. I used my deform tool to make my fence shorter.

C/P AD_Smoke over your fence layer. I used my deform tool to bring the smoke up toward the top of the fence. Duplicate, Mirror. The smoke will overlap in the middle but I like how it looked so I left it alone.

C/P AD_scattered metal. Resize by 50%. Use your deform tool to postion over the bottom fence.

C/P AD_Bottle in left corner of your tag. Resize by 50%

C/P AD_Barrel. Resize by 50%. Move to botton left of your tag. Use your deform tool to position barrel so it is now at an upward angle.

C/P AD_Bird. Resize by 30%. Position so it is standing on the barrel. Add Drop shadow.

C/P AD_Baby Zombie. Resize by 50%. Iused my manual color correction to give the doll a bio greenish color. Dropshadow.

C/P Syringe_FD. Resize by 50%. Position between dolls legs. Dropshadow.

C/P A/D rat. Resize by 50% Change Layer properties to hard light. I am a demented B**ch so I positioned the rat like it was kissing the dolls cheek.

C/P AD_Spider 2. Resize by 50%. I used my deform tool to make it look like he was climbing on the barrel. Dropshadow.

C/P AD_Razorblade. Resize by 75%. Use your deform tool to position under the rat.

C/P Handprint_FD. Resize by 25%. Adjust, Brightness/Contrast settings at 15 and 5. So this should be over the razor but under your rat.

C/P AD Toxic flames. Resize by 50%. This should be slightly under your razorblade and up a bit base on your tube.

C/P AD_Web 3. Move to the top left of your mesh layer.

Now for your text. Background black foreground nil. Type out your text. Convert to Raster layer. Add eye candy glass. I always use the default setting but change the color to white. add Eye Candy gradient glow same settings as before. Adjust sharpness. Sharpen More. Duplicate. On BOTTOM layer adjust Blur Gaussian Blur set at 9. I wanted my blur to be brighter so on the blur layer selections, select all, float using your brush tool paint over the selection. I used color 63d003. Deselect. on top layer add drop shadow.

Add your watermark and copyright. Hope you enjoyed this as much as I did!

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