Saturday, November 12, 2011

Nature's Garden Tut Results

So I am loving this version of my Goodies Garden tut done by my Girl Christene. You can check out her blog PSP'er Delite. 
I think the tube she used is just perfect!!

Check out this killer version of my Nature's Garden tut made by Beth-Ann. Thanks so much for trying my tut! You can find her blog here: Dazzled By Beth-Ann

Friday, November 11, 2011

Colorful Xmas Mini Tut (FTU)

Supplies Used:

Gloomy Girl tube By Celinart. Get it at SATC.

Emo Xmas kit by Kittz Creations. Get it from her blog HERE

Leah Template #5 from Creative Mistfits. (I used the Jingle Bells Template)

Eyecandy 4000 Gradient Glow (font Only)

Font is called Igloo Laser.

What I used:
Paper 1
Paper 2
Paper 3
Paper 4
Jingle Bells (3x)
Merry Christmas Wordart
Parcel (9x)
Snowflake Cat On Skull
Stocking (2x)
Xmas Hanging Baubles (2x botton layer I cut off the mistletoe and bow)
Xmas Hat

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Gothic Waters Tut...

Oh...Guess what...Miss Gizzy inspired me to dust off my animating shoes. Just cause her animations are always sick ;P

Supplies Used:
Tube called Tattooed Gothic from Screaming Demon. Get her at SATC

Kit called Beautiful Gothic 2 Dark Waters by Addictive Pleasures. You can get it at her store Here.

Filters Used:
Eye Candy 4000 (Glass and Gradient Glow)(Font Only)
Greg's Factory Output Vol. II (Pool Shadow)


Okay let's give it a go shall we?

Open up Paper 1. I resized my tag at this point so I wouldn't have to do it later. Resize the paper to 550 pixels.

Use your lasso tool to select just the water in your background. Selections, Load Save Selection, Save selection to disk. Just name it something you can remember. Deselect. (If you want to do the animation work now you can but I get everything in place first)

C/P Moon.Resize by 40%. I used manual color correction to change the moon to a white shade. Position over the moon on your background. (If you like the size of the moon just skip this step but I wanted my moon a big larger.)

C/P Swag. Resize by 50%. Move into upper left corner. Duplicate and mirror.

C/P Vine. Use your deform tool to stretch the vine horizontally to it covers the edge of your swag elements.
C/P Leaves. Resize by 50%. Duplicate 2 times for a total of 3. Position along the top of your tag.

C/P Tube. (I resized my by 65% but as you know it does depend on your tube)

Add dropshadow. I used -2,2,38,5

C/P Statue. Manual color correct. I used a darker gray color (If you use black you will not be able to see the details)

C/P Candles. resize by 30%.

C/P Cross. Resize by 20%

C/P Flower 4. Color correct to a dark purple color. Resize by 30%. Duplicate and position around the bottom of your cross and candles.

C/P Candles 2. Resize by 30%

C/P bowl. Resize by 30%

C/P Tree. Resize by 30% 2x. Position over your bowl.Duplicate, Mirror, and Position. Merge layer down. Use your eraser tool to erase any bits that hang over.

C/P Skull. Resize by 30%.

Add copyright and watermark.
If you don't wanna animate Skip to the last few steps for the text effects I used.

And for the animation...
Select your background layer. Duplicate 4 times for a total of 5. Selections your bottom layer. 

Selections, Load Selections we made earlier.

Apply Pool Shadow with these settings...DO NOT SELECT!!

Click on your next background layer and repeat only change BOTH diagonal settings to 50. KEEP SELECTED!!

Click on your next background layer (this should be the middle one)and repeat only change BOTH diagonal settings to 60. KEEP SELECTED!!

Click on your next background layer and repeat only change BOTH diagonal settings to 70. KEEP SELECTED!!

Click on your next background layer (this should be the top layer)and repeat only change BOTH diagonal settings to 80. Deselect.

Close the top 4 layers and copy merged. Paste into animation shop.

Now close the bottom layer and open layer 2. Copy Merged and pasted AFTER current frame.

Now close the 2nd layer and open layer 3. Copy Merged and pasted AFTER current frame.

Now close the 3rd layer and open layer 4. Copy Merged and pasted AFTER current frame.

Now close the 4th layer and open layer 5. Copy Merged and pasted AFTER current frame.

Edit, Select All. Then go to Animation, Frame properties and change to 20.
Back in PSP. Type out your name. 

Add Eye Candy 4000 Glass...

Then Gradient Glow...

Add the same drop shadow as before. I changed the opacity on my name to about 80 but depending on your color you don't have to.

Edit Copy (do NOT copy merged you only want to copy your name layer)

Back in Animation shop paste as a new layer. Be sure Propagate paste is selected. Drag your name to the FIRST frame of your taggie (If you add it to any other frame it will blink)

And voila. I hope you enjoyed this tut and I would love to see results for this one :P

Friday, November 4, 2011

Brutal And Beautiful MiniTut

Supplies Used:
Tube by Celinart. Get it at SATC.

Kit By Addictive Pleasures Called Brutal. Get it from her store Dreams N Digital.

Template made by Kandi Kisses.

Eyecandy 4000 (Gradient Glow) (Font Only)


Here is what I used:
Blade (2X)
Glitter (Color Correct to black)
Mesh (3x)
Needle (2x)
Netting (2x) (color Correct to black)
Paper 3
Paper 6
Paper 11
Paper 12
Paper 7
Rose (4x)
Skull 2
Wire 2
Wire 3

Because the night Tut Result

Ok so I am jealous. My girl Gizzy made this amazing tag from my Because the night tut and it looks better than mine!! LOL. You can find her amazing tubes and Scraps at Rebel Designs

Because The Night Tut...(FTU Kit !!)

Supplies Used:
Demona Prepaid tube by Celinart. This was a chip in project but you can find loads of her other work at SATC

Because The Night Scrapkit. You can get this and loads of other freebies at Digicats (& Dogs)

Mask from Jus Graphix. Get it HERE

Eye Candy 4000 (Marble, Glass, And Gradient Glow)


Start with a canvas size 600 by 600

C/P Frame 04. Resize by 50%. Free rotate 90 degrees. I used manual color correction to turn my frame black.

C/P Moon. UNDER frame.

C/P Dead Bush. Adjust, Hue/Saturation both set to 0. Use your deform tool to position as desired. Duplicate and mirror.

Use magic wand to select inside of the frame. Selections, Modify, Expand by 5. Add a new raster layer. Floodfill black. Add Eyecandy 4000 marble with the following settings...

Selections, Select none. Move this under your frame layer.

C/P Mist. Resize by 50%. Position on the bottom half of your paper under the frame. I used my eraser to remove the bits outside of the frame. Change opacity to 60.

C/P Gate 2. I used my deform tool to make the gate fit just under the edges of my frame. Adjust, Sharpness, Sharpen.

C/P Gravestone. Resize by 50%. Duplicate. Position these just UNDER the gate.

C/P Streetlight. I used manual color correction to change base of lamp to black. Resize by 75%. Position base of lamp so that is covers the staple of the frame.

C/P Brothers. Resize by 50%. Position in the left corner of your frame. 

C/P Magic Orb. Resize by 30%. I used manual color correction to make the element match my tag. Use you lasso tool to select just the base of the element. I changed mine to black. Then use selection, Invert and manual color correct again to change orb to blue. Position in the center of Brothers element.

C/P Cemetary sign. I resized mine by 40% then by 60%. Use your deform tool to position on the upper left corner of your tag.

C/P your tube. Dropshadow as desired.

Finish your tag with the following elements:

Coffin 2 (30%)
Coffin 1 (50%)
Bottle 2 (20%)
Bottle 1 (15%)
Mask (50%)
Crow (50%. He is on the top of frame. I removed part of the branch he is on)
Scrunched ribbon 2 (30% duplicate for a total of 3 and position)

Add watermark and copyright.

Type out your font. Add glass with the following setting...

Drop shadow 2,2,38,5

Add gradient glow...

Dropshadow again.

Hop you enjoyed this tut! I would love to see your results!