Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sweet As Sugar Tutorial

 Supplies needed:
My Sweet as Sugar template HERE
Toxic Candy Scrapkit from Made By Justine. This is a PTU Scrapkit you can get from Scrap It Sassy.
Tube is Nina Terror from Celine Pinupart which you can get at SATC HERE

Filters used:
Eye Candy 4000 (Gradient Glow, Glass, & HSB Noise)

Fonts used:
Ukrainian Brush Script
Phatt Phreddy

Open the template and make the x shape layer active. Selections, select all, float, defloat. Copy and paste Paper 4 as a new layer.Selections, invert, delete. Deselect. Change Layer property to Hard light. Layers Merge down. Apply Eyecandy gradient glow in black with these settings...

Select frame Background Layer. Selections, select all, float, defloat. Add a new raster layer. Copy and paste Glitter 2 into selection. Select none. If you like you can delete the back oval background now.

Select Oval Frame layer. Inner bevel with these settings...

Still on the frame layer add eyecandy 4 gradient glow same settings as before.
I added my tube over the frame layer. erase any bits that hang over the bottom of the frame. Effects, 3d effects, dropshadow. I almost always use my settings on 2,2,50, 5. Make sure your tube is UNDER your wordart layers.

Select WA Background 1. Add eye candy 4 HSB Noise with these settings..

Add same drop shadow as before.

Select WA 1 layer. Selections, select all, float, defloat. C/P paper 4 as a new layer. Selections, Invert, Delete. Deselect. Effects, 3d effects, inner bevel same setting as before.

Select WA background layer 2. Apply HSB Noise same settings as before. Add eye candy 4 gradient glow same settings as before.
Select WA 2 layer. Add Eye Candy 4 glass with the following settings...

Add drop shadow.

Select you background layer. Add Fence 3. Use your deform tool to make it stick out from under the edges of the X shape. 

Select the background layer again. C/P Doodle paint 3. I resized mine by 15% and added a few on both sides of the fence.

Select you tube layer and start adding your elements.

C/P curled ribbon. Resize by 40% move to bottom right of you tag just under your wordart layers. Duplicate, flip. move down to left bottom of tag slightly up from the right side. Repeat steps with Curled ribbon 2 offsetting them slightly. 

Still under the wordart add Razor. Resize by 75%. Use your deform tool to give it a slight angle.

Now OVER you wordart layer add Bunny 2. Resize by 30%. Sharpen.

C\P Lolly 2. Resize by 40%. Duplicate and use your deform tool on duplicate to get the slight angle.

C/P Bow. Resize by 20%. Duplicate. Add bows to lolly stick.

C/P Cupcake 2. Resize by 40%. Move to cover bottoms of lolly sticks.

C/P BonBon and BonBon 3. Resize both by 30% and sharpen. Use as many or as few of these as ya need to fill in that corner of your tag.

Now for your name. I used color  b403d6. position then convert to raster layer. Add eye candy 4 glass same as before. Selections, select all, float, defloat. Modify, Expand by 2. Add new raster layer. Flood fill with 23bdb3. Deselect. Move this BELOW you text layer. Add eye candy 4000 hsb noise as before. Add same drop shadow as before.

Don't forget your copyrights and watermark!
Thanks for looking!

Sweet As Sugar Template

Sweet as Sugar Wordart

Quick wordart I made for a tut I am doing. Thought yall might like it :) Just click and save :)

Forum Style tut: Masquerade

 Ok guys bear with me here this is my first tut ever. If you have any questions or and suggestions for improvements please let me know :)

Supplies I used:
Tubes are by Sky's Scraps and you can buy the from SATC Here
Kit called Christina was made for me by the awesome Wicked Princess and can be purchased exclusively at PSP Asylum Here
Song lyrics used for the tags are from the song Masquerade by Clan Of Xymox
Filters used: Eyecandy 4000 Gradient glow and Glass 

Here goes nothing..I will try the best I can to explain my steps. I would love to see you result if you try it. I love seeing other people's take on a tut.

Open a new image size 650 by 250 transparent.
Flood fill black.

Copy and Paste WP_CA_Drips.
Move towards the top of the tag to your liking.
Effects, Edge Effects, Enhance more.

Using the rectangle tool foreground nil, Background I used B01A20. Add a large rectangle covering the bottom 3/4 of image. Convert to raster layer.

Selections, Select all, Float, Defloat. Copy and paste paper 15. Selections invert. Delete. Change layer properties to Hard Light.

Copy and paste your first tube UNDER this rectangle layer but ABOVE the drips. Move to the upper right hand corner so only the part you want is showing. I tend to be a sucker for eyes so that is how I positioned my tube :) Drop shadow of your choice. I used 5,5,75,5.

Copy and paste your main tube and move to the left side. Dropshadow.  I used 5,5,75,5.

Copy and Paste element WP_CA_RIBBON. Resize by 50% then 75%. Center element between you tubes on the line where your paper and background meet. Drop Shadow 2,2,50,5.

C/P WP_CA_HOURGLASS resize by 35%. Repeat drop shadow. Move to bottom right of tag.

C/P WP_CA_FANCYFAN. Resize by 30%. NO DROP SHADOW. Move to bottom right slightly overlapping the hourglass.

C/P WP_CA_MASK. Resize by 30%. Sharpen. Add Drop shadow 2,2,50,5. Move UNDER your fan layer to hide the handle if desired.

C/P WP_CA_GOBLET. Resize by 35%. Dropshadow 2,2,50,5. Move slightly UNDER your fan layer. Duplicate goblet. Move slightly up and to the left.

Add background text. I used Aquarelle. Black. Apply eye Candy 4000 Glass. Here are my settings...Just use a color that works for your tag.

Then eye candy 4000 Gradient glow. I used color cb4949. Here is a screenshot of my settings....

Add drop shadow 2,2, 50, 5.

I moved this text layer above my paper layer and fit it between my tube and elements.

Add name repeating same steps as above and fit it to your banner.

Don't forget your copyright and watermark. Hope this works out for ya :)

Monday, August 29, 2011

PSP Asylum Cluster Frame....

This awesome kit was made By my girl Alika for PSP Asylum and it is exclusive there....

Here is what the kit looks like...You know you gotta go buy it now....

Tag show off...

So my awesome sister Shani at Wicked Princess Scraps Made this beautiful kit for me and I just love it. This is the first of many tags I will make with this kit no doubt!

Look how awesome this kit is!! You can get it at PSP Asylum . It is called Christina and is only available exclusive there!!

Thanks again you sexy peacock Ninja you ;)

Fallen Angel Wings Cluster frame...

Ok so thanks to this silly frame it started this darn blog. Oh well guess I needed to get it started anyway.  Click this post to view full size. I tend to make my tags around 500 pixels wide so that is how it is sized. If yall like your frames larger lemme know and I can save them before I resize :)

Frame was made with the awesome kit called Fallen Angel Wings by Dns Scraps and you can get it at Scrappetizing

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hiya all!!

Ok due to many requests from my sisters I got off my ass and started a blog. Actually I got off my ass and asked someone to design my blog for me LOL. I will get stuff up by the weekend if now before then ;) I may even *shudder* write some simple tuts since I been being asked for ages now but we shall see about that. Okies back to my Sons Of Anarchy Marathon LOL.