Friday, September 30, 2011

I love my Curves Scrap Tut....

Supplies used:
I Love My Curves tube from my amazing friend Ralf Straaberg. It is so awesome to have a sexy curvy girl :) You can get the tube from DSI

Scrapkit called a Touch Of Color from Created By Jill. You can get this kit at SATC
SF Hollywood Hills

Filter (not required)
EyeCandy 4000 (Glass and Gradient glow)

Let's get started:

Open a new image 800x 800. (I change my canvas size all the time when making tags but this is what me resizes are based on)

C/P Sofa element. Move about 3/4 of the way down your canvas.

C/P Panel element. I used my deform tool to make the panel line up just BEHIND my couch.

UNDER your panel layer C/P Mesh. Resize by 75%

C/P mask. Duplicate. Mirror. Merge down. I used my eraser to remove the bits that showed under the couch. 

Select you couch layer. C/P tube and position as desired. Add drop shadow.

C/P light element. I used the manual color correction to change my lamps to black instead of blue. Resize by 50% then 75%. Position so it looks like the lamp is hanging from the panel layer. Use your eraser tool to remove any excess chain. Duplicate and mirror. I moved my duplicate up slightly and erased the excess chain.
Position elements as desired. I used the following elements and resized them to fit my tag.

Leaves 3-50%
Feather 30% (On the top feathers I went to effects, edge effects, enhance more)
Doodle 30% (I used manual color correction to make the doodle darker)
Flower 2 30% (I used this the color it was and adjusted the color to black as well)
Leaves 2 30%
Leaves 1 30%
Flower 1 10% and 50%
Fan 30% (duplicate then 75%)

Select your bottom layer. Selections, select all, paste paper 5 into selection. You can always skip this step but I like the way the paper looked.

Add Copyright and watermark.
Close your background layer. Layers Merge Visible. reopen your background.

Now BETWEEN your merged layer and background type out your text. I used the following filters on my name...

save your tag and enjoy :)

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