Friday, February 24, 2012

SteamPunk Symphony Tut...

Supplies used:
Steampunker tube by Screaming Demons. Get it at SATC 
Steampunk Sass kit by A Tagger's Scrap. Get it at SATC 
Filters: Eyecandy 4000 Gradient Glow and HSB Noise
Font: High Society
 Mask By Staci (Whateva Mask 1) Get is from Creative Misfits HERE

Open a new image size 600 by 600.
C/P Frame 5. Resize by 75%.
Use your magic wand to select inside both sides of the frame. Selections, Modify, Expand by 5. 
Add a new raster layer. C/P Paper 11 into selection. Deselect and move under the frame.
Dropshadow frame.
C/P Tube. Use your eraser to remove any bits that hang over the frame. Add Dropshadow.
Type out the test for the base of the frame. (Or go down one post and just use my wordart :)
Add Eye candy 4000 Chrome...
Then go to Adjust, Color Balance, Manual color correction...
Then Eye Candy 4000 HSB Noise...
Go to Effects, 3D Effects, Inner Bevel...
Then Gradient Glow....(I used a light color from the top of the tube)
Add Drop Shadow of Choice.
Repeat Gradient Glow in a dark color (I used on of my flower elements)
Repeat drop Shadow.
C/P Bow 8. Resize by 75%. Position over the corner of the frame so it hangs down the side. Add Dropshadow.
C/P Floral 2. Resize by 50%. position at the bottom of the frame and add dropshadow.
C/P Floral 1. Resize by 75%. Position over Floral 1 and dropshadow.
C/P Hatbox. Resize by 40%. position under the floral layer so your lid peeks out from behind them. Dropshadow.
C/P Candle. Resize by 30%. Position at the bottom of Floral 1 and add dropshadow.
C/P Heart. Image, Mirror. Resize by 75%. Position under both Floral elements and add dropshadow.
C/P Butterfly 4. Image, Mirror. Resize by 30%. Add Dropshadow and position on the bottom flower of Floral 2.
Select your background layer. Go to selections, Select all.
Add a new raster layer and C/P Paper 20 into selection. Deselect.
Open your mask. Layers, New Mask Layer, From Image. Source Luminance checked. Invert mask unchecked.
Go to layers, Merge Group.
Duplicate mask. Images, Rotate, Free Rotate, 90 Degrees all layers unchecked.

Don't forget your copyright and watermark.
Add your name using the same steps from the font above.
Hope you enjoyed this tut...I would love to see results.

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