Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Always Blue...(FTU)

Supplies used:
Tubes by Celinart called Marie It's Always So Rock and Marie So Rock (Blue). You can get them both at SATC.
Kit called Always Blue-Emo from Randy's Sin. Get it HERE.
Font called Satisfaction
Eye Candy 4000 Glass

Start with a new image size 500 by 500.
C/P Frame 1. Resize by 60%. Add eyecandy 4000 glass. (I always use the same setting so if you really want mine scroll down a few posts I know if will be in one of em LMAO)
Use your magic wand to click inside both frames. Selections, Modify, Expand by 5.
Add a new raster layer. C/P Paper 7 into selection. Deselect. Move under the frame layer.
Now use your magic wand to select inside ONLY the smaller frame. C/P Your close up as a new layer. Position as desired under the frame. Selections, Invert, Delete.
Select none. Duplicate the close up. On the original change the layer property to Luminance. On the duplicate Luminance Legacy.
Dropshadow your frame layer.
C/P Flooring. Resize by 25%. Position behind the frame and paper layers.
C/P Winged Heart 1. Resize by 20%. Use your deform tool to position along the smaller frame.
C/P Rose 3. Resize by 20%. Duplicate. Position where the frames meet.
C/P Crystals. Resize by 20%. Position under the top of the roses. Duplicate and flip. 
C/P Feather. Resize by 20%. Use your deform tool to position along the side of the top frame. Duplicate and move slightly down.
C/P Candle 3. Resize by 20%. Position under the roses.
Duplicate and position. (I used my eraser to remove the bottom of the lower candle.)
C/P Your tube. Dropshadow.
Type out the font and add inner Bevel then Drop Shadow of choice.
Don't forget the copyright and watermark!

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