Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Devilish Beauty tut...

Supplies used:
Holy Mess kit by Bibi's Collection. Get it at SATC
Jessica tube by my brutal babe Miss Freya Langford-Sidebottom. Get it at AIL
Filter: Eyecandy 4000 Gradient glow (Font Only)
Font: Jellyka's Castle Queen
Mask of Choice

 Open a new image size 500 by 500.
C/P Element 53 (Frame). Resize by 60%.
C/P tube. Erase any bits that hang over the frame.
Select your frame. Use you magic wand to select the inside of the frame. Selections, Modify, Expand by 5. Add a new raster layer. C/P Paper 2 into selection and deselect.
C/P Element 39 (Tribal Flower). Resize by 50%. Mirror. Position on the bottom right of the frame.
C/P Element 59 (Martini Glass). Resize by 30%. Duplicate and position under the edge of the tribal flowers.
C/P Element 29 (Black Bottle). Resize by 50%. Duplicate and position under the tribal flowers toward the center of the frame.
C/P Element 88 (Skull Bottle). Resize by 50%. Position under the other side of the glasses.
C/P Element 45 (Feather). Resize by 50%. Duplicate a few time and position so it peeks out from under the flowers.
C/P Element 63 (Ankh). Resize by 50% and mirror. Position over the bottom of the skull bottle.
C/P Element 60 (Lips). Resize by 50%. Use your deform tool to position over the bottom of the ankh.
C/P Element 58 (Skull). Resize by 25%. Duplicate and position next to the lips.
C/P Element 89 (Razor). Resize by 25%. Position under the edge of the roses. Duplicate and use the deform tool to position.
C/P Element 44 (Curled Ribbon). Resize by 50%.
Image, Rotate, Free rotate 90 degrees left. Position along the frame under your elements. Duplicate, Flip, And mirror. Move next to the original.
C/P Element 10 (Sparkle). Position over the bottom of the tag.
Type out your font and add a gradient glow of 3.
Click your background layer and C/P Paper 11. Add mask of chioce and merge group
Don't forget your copyright and watermark.

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