Sunday, February 26, 2012

Kissin' Frogs & Chasin' Rainbows Forum Style tut...(FTU)

Supplies used:
Celinart Prepay tube #5 St Patrick's Girl. These sell fast so get her now at SATC
The Goodies Garden by my girl Tasha's Playground. Get it HERE
Font: Swan Song
Filter: Eyecandy 4000 Gradient Glow (Font Only)

Start with a new canvas size 650 by 250.
C/P Paper 4.
C/P Cloud. Change Layer property to Soft Light.
C/P Tree 2. Move down so your branches are showing. Change Layer property to soft light.
C/P Rainbow. Resize by 75%. Position so the end falls in the right bottom corner. Duplicate.
C/P Branch 2. Resize by 50%. DON'T POSITION YET as it will be easier to position with the leaves.
C/P Leaves. Resize by 30%. Position under the flowers. The stems should line up but if they don't just erase them. Duplicate, Mirror, and flip. Align the stems again. 
Merge Branch 2 and leaves together. 
Position up the right side of the tag. Change layer property to Luminance (L).
C/P Branch. Resize by 75%. Position on the left side of tag.
C/P Petals. Resize by 50%. Use the deform tool to reposition petals.
C/P Flower 3. Resize by 30%. Duplicate and move slightly up from the original.
C/P Frog. Resize by 30%. Deform to Line frog up with the paper part of the bouquet.  Dropshadow frog.
If you like use your eraser tool to remove the rest of the paper from the bouquet.
C/P Your tube.
Use your crop tool around the entire tag. This just assures no matter what format you save in all the excess is gone.
Type out your font. Add Inner Bevel of choice. (I always use the same one so if you want it scroll down a few tuts and I know you will find it :)
Add Gradient glow of 3 in a contrasting color.
Add dropshadow.
Don't forget your copyright and watermark.

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