Monday, February 20, 2012

Simple Romance (FTU)

Supplies Used:
Tube by Kim Draper. Get it at AIL
Romancing the Heart kit by Vaybs. get it HERE.
Font: Vladimir
Filter: EyeCandy 4000 Gradient Glow (Font only)

Open a new image size 500 by 500.
C/P Element 30. Resize by 50%. Use the deform tool to position on a slight angle.
C/P Element 25. Resize by 50%. Duplicate and mirror. Position over the original. Merge down. Use deform tool to line up over the fence heart. Add drop Shadow.
Using your lasso tool select all the way around the heart. Add a new raster layer.
C/P Paper 4 into selection. Do not deselect yet.
 C/P Your close up tube as a new layer. Position inside selection.
C/P element 2 as a new layer. Position inside your selection. Keep selected.
Go to selections, Invert, Delete on both the tube and words. Deselect.
Change the layer property of your close up tube to Luminance.
Change the Layer property of the words to overlay and duplicate.
C/P Element 11. Resize by 50%. use your deform tool to position along the top of the heart frame.
C/P Element 9. Resize by 25%. Duplicate and position over the empty bits of the rope.
C/P Element 20. Resize by 25%. Use your deform tool to position along the side of the heart. Duplicate and flip. Position along the heart frame.
Type out your name. Add inner bevel of choice. 
Add gradient Glow of 3 set to fat.
Add dropshadow of choice.
C/P You tube and add dropshadow of choice.
Don't forget your copyright and watermark.

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