Monday, February 27, 2012

Bow Down tut...

Supplies used:
Betty Page tube is by the sexy Mr. Michael Miles and is available at AIL.
Dragon Queen kit by Purple. Get it HERE.
Font: Redfive and Neverwinter
Filter: Eyecandy 4000 Gradient Glow and Glass

Open a new image size 500 by 500.
C/P frame 2. Resize by 85%.
Select the inside of the frame. Selections, Modify, Expand by 4.
Add a new raster layer and C/P Paper 5 into selection. Deselect.
Position under the frame layer.
C/P Moon. Resize by 85%. Position so it sits out from under the frame.
C/P Pillar 2. Duplicate and mirror. (I moved my duplicate under the frame and paper)
C/P Cage. Resize by 50%. Position so it looks like it is hanging from the frame.
C/P Candles. Resize by 50%. Duplicate and change layer property to multiply. Merge candles together. Duplicate again and position slightly down from the first.
C/P Skulls. Resize by 50%. Duplicate and position one at the bottom of each side of the frame.
C/P Bullwhip. Resize by 75%. Change the hue/Saturation both to 0. Mirror and position.
C/P BallNChain. Resize by 50% and mirror.
C/P Cuffs. Resize by 50%. Position to hang from the chain of Ball Chain.
Type out your font for the bottom using the Red Five font. 
Apply Eyecandy 4000 Glass...
Then Gradient glow...
Duplicate your font. On the original apply Gaussian blur.
Go to selections, Select all , Float. Take your paintbrush and just go over the selection to change it to the color of the font. Deselect.
 Repeat with the Neverwinter font for your name.
Don't forget copyright and watermark.

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