Friday, May 18, 2012

Gothica Dreams tut...

Supplies Used:
Cyber Gothica tube by the amazing Freya Langford-Sidebottom. Get it at AIL.
Broken Dreamz Scraps part of the birthday collab. Get it at SATC. (Spend $10 in the store and get this huge collab FREE!)
Vix PSP PTU Mask 23. Get it at SATC.
My Frame. Download it HERE.
Eyecandy 4000 Glass, Drip & Gradient Glow.
Font: Bleeding Cowboy.

Open a new image size 650 by 400.
C/P My Frame.
Select the inside of the frame with the magic wand. Selections, Modify, Expand by 13.
Add a new raster layer. C/P Paper 5. Position paper as your like under the frame. Selections, Invert, Delete. Deselect.
Using your pen tool select the option to draw Lines. Using the solid line with a width of 3 draw out a line just under the edge of the frame. Convert to raster layer. Make sure the line is entirely covered by the frame.
Apply Eyecandy 4000 Drip with the Bleeding preset using these settings...
 Dropshadow frame and blood drips.
C/P Element 13. Resize by 30%. Position to one side of the bottom of the frame. Duplicate and mirror. Duplicate fan again. Go to Adjust, Color Balance, Manual Color Correct. Source set to Black, Target to blood red. Position in the center of the black fans. Dropshadow all 3 fans.
C/P Element 17. Resize by 30%. Dropshadow. Position at the top left of the frame. Duplicate. Use your deform tool to position on a slight angle. Move duplicate down just slightly.
C/P Element 8. Resize by 30%. Dropshadow. Duplicate. Move one glass down and to the right.
C/P Element 14. Resize by 40%. Dropshadow. Position over the top of the glasses.
C/P Element 16. Resize by 20%. Dropshadow. Use your deform tool to position.
C/P Element 5. Resize by 40%. Dropshadow. Use the deform tool to position.
C/P Your tube. Dropshadow.
Type out your font. Apply Eyecandy 400 Glass.
Apply Gradient Glow of 3...Set to fat
Select your background layer. Flood fill Black. Apply your mask and stretch to fit as desired. Layers, Merge Group.
Duplicate Mask and Mirror.
Don't forget your copyright and watermark!

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