Friday, May 4, 2012

Broken Dreams tut...

Supplies Used:
Tube called Summer's Dying by Joahannah Von Frankenstein (Available 5/5/12). Get it at ART.
Broken Dreams kit by Tasha's Playground. This kit is exclusive to PTE.
Font: A Lolita Scorned
Filter: Eyecandy 4000 Gradient Glow (Font Only)

Open a new image size 500 by 500
C/P Frame 2. Resize by 90%. Adjust, Color Balance, Manual Color correct. Set the source to the color of the frame, Target to a dark Gray.
Select the inside of your frame. Selections, Modify, Expand by 3.
Add a new raster layer. 
C/P Paper 1 into selection. Move under the frame layer.
Add a new raster layer. C/P Paper 2 into selection. Deselect. Move this under the frame layer. Change the layer property to overlay.
Dropshadow frame.
C/P  Spiderweb. Resize by 75%. Dropshadow. Position under the frame.
C/P Moon. Position under the frame and paper layers. Dropshadow.
C/P The following elements:
Bottle (30%)
Candle (30%) (Times 3)
Charm 2 (30%)
Clock ( 30%)
Tall Column (75%) (Color Correct same settings) (Times 2)
Flower 4 (50%) (Times 4)
Goblet (30%)
Jeweled Twig (50%) (Times 2)
Lantern (30%)
Petals (30%) (Times 2) (I used manual color correct to make them purple)
Spider (30%)
Dropshadow elements.
C/P your tube. Dropshadow
Type out your font. Apply inner bevel of choice and Gradient Glow of 3. Dropshadow.
Don't forget your copyright and watermark!

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