Wednesday, October 31, 2012

World Full Of Nothing tut...

Supplies used:
I Keep Falling tube by Zindy. Get it HERE.
Dark Dreams kit by A Tagger's Scrap. Get it at SATC.
Eyecandy 4000 Gradient Glow
Font: Swan Song

Ok so this tut is pretty easy but the recoloring takes a few so we are gonna do that first.
Open Floral 2 element. Use the wheel on your mouse to zoom the pic to around 200%.
Using your lasso tool Set Point to Point, Add, Feather & Smoothing and Anti Alias checked.
Select around each flower only.
Go To adjust, Hue/Saturation, Colorize.
Set the hue to 187 and the saturation to 105 and apply.
Now that that is done let's get started!
Open a new image size 500 by 500.
C/P Gateway 2. Resize by 75%. Dropshadow.
Use your lasso tool to select around the archway making sure the line is straight across the bottom of the gate.
Add A New raster layer under the gateway.
C/P Paper 13 into selection.
C/P Fence. Resize by 75%. Dropshadow.
Posiiton under the gateway lining it up with the bottom of your paper layer.
C/P Dead Ivy. Resize by 75%. Dropshadow.
Position over the top of the archway.
C/P Dead tree. Resize by 75%. Dropshadow.
Position over the left side of the gateway.
C/P your recolored roses. Resize by 50%. Dropshadow.
Image, Mirror.
Line up with the bottom right side of the gateway.
C/P your tube. Dropshadow.
Position to the right of the dead tree at the bottom of the gateway.
Using the Swan Song font size 22 type out your text. (I used lyrics from the Depeche Mode song World Full Of Nothing.)
Convert to raster layer.
Apply Gradient Glow of 3 in color #7957b3.
Change the font to size 36 and type out your name.
Apply Gradient glow of 3.
Don't forget your copyright & Watermark.

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