Thursday, October 4, 2012

Starry Romance Mini tut, Cluster, & Extras...

Ok so once I got this tag finished I realized the kit maker is not around anymore. So with that revelation I changed course and did some extras. I also included the cluster frame so all you really need to do if you want to make this tag is pop in a tube ;) I included a mini tut to for those of you old farts like me that have been around long enough to have kits that don't exist anymore LOL. I am doing my best to find out what happened to this designer and see if I can't get permission to post the kit for you guys.

Supplies Used:
Pink Dreamer tube by Zindy. Get it HERE.
Bad Romance kit by 3 P's in A Pod Designs.
Eyecandy 4000 Gradient Glow
Font: Satisfaction.

Mini Tut:
Canvas 500 by 500
Element 21 (85%)
Element 43 (50%) (4x)
Element 89 (30%) (2X) (Flip & Mirror)
Element 82 (50%) (Mirror)
Element 50 (30%) (2x)
Element 96 (30%)
Element 53 (30%) (2x)
Element 11 (30%)
Element 9 (20%) (2x)
Word Art (Separate Words) (40%) (Gradient Glow Fat 3)

And the cluster frame...Click for full size then right click to save....

And a few Extras...

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