Thursday, March 29, 2012

No Drama Allowed Tut

Supplies Used:
Sky's Scraps Prepaid #2...This tube is already out but you can get it with a VIP membership from HERE
Bibi's Collection's part of the Kick Ass Collab called Famous Babe. Get it at SATC .
Mask of choice
Eyecandy 4000 Gradient Glow and Glass (Font Only)
Font: 28 Days Later

Open a new image size 500 by 500
C/P Element 20 (Circle Fence). Dropshadow.
C/P Element 48 (Disco Ball) Behind the fence. Duplicate, Mirror, And Dropshadow.
C/P Paper 4. Apply your mask and merge layers.
Click your top layer. C/P Element 60 (City Scene). Resize by 60%. Dropshadow. Duplicate and mirror.
C/P Element 84 (Barrels). Resize by 50%. Dropshadow, Duplicate, And Mirror.
C/P Element 22 (Blue Glitter). Resize by 125%. Position at the bottom center of your tag.
C/P Element 21 (Pink Glitter). Resize by 50%. Position to one side of the blue glitter. Duplicate and mirror.
C/P Element 66 (Doggie:). Resize by 40%. Position over one side of the barrels. Dropshadow.
C/P Element 15 (Brass Knuckles). Resize by 40%. Use your deform tool to position. Dropshadow.
C/P Element 34 (Handcuffs) Resize by 30%. Flip and Mirror. Dropshadow and position under brass knuckles.
C/P Element 46 (Green Dice). Resize by 30%. Flip and Mirror. Dropshadow. Position near the center chain of the handcuffs.
C/P Element 82 (Pink Bullet). Resize by 15%. Dropshadow. Position under the edge of the dice. Duplicate and use your deform tool to position.
C/P Element 32 (Car). Resize by 30%. Dropshadow and position near the top of the Barrels.
C/P Element 72 (Green Fishnet). Resize by  30%. Position in the top right corner of the fence. Dropshadow.
C/P Element 59 (Award Ribbon). Resize by 50%. Dropshadow.
C/P Element 61 (Boxing Glove). Resize by 75%. Dropshadow. Duplicate and mirror. 
Move your Award ribbon ABOVE the gloves. Use your eraser tool to remove part of the ribbon so it looks like the gloves are attached to it.
C/P Your tube. Add Dropshadow. (I position mine slightly off center cause I liked the flow better)
C/P Element 3 (Wordart). Resize by 50%. Add Inner Bevel of choice and dropshadow. 
Type out your font. Add Eyecandy 4000 Glass...
 Then Gradient Glow of 3...
Duplicate the font. On the original go to selections, Select all, Float. Use your paintbrush set to a complementary color and just paint over it. Deselect.
Go to Adjust, Blur, Gaussian Blur...
 Duplicate Blur Layer.
Add Dropshadow to your top font layer.
Don't forget copyright and watermarks!!

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