Thursday, March 22, 2012

Steamy Angel tut

Supplies used:
Little Dreamer tube by Zindy. Get it at her store HERE.
Steampunk Angel kit by Toxic Desirez. Get it at SATC.
Font: Aquarelle
Mask of choice

Open a new image size 500 by 500.
C/P Porthole. Resize by 65%.
Use your lasso tool to select the glass of the porthole.
Add a new raster layer. C/P Paper 24 into selection. Deselect and move to the bottom layer.
C/P Doodle. Resize by 65%. Add dropshadow.
C/P Star Border. Resize by 65%. Dropshadow.
C/P Flowers. Resize by 50% and position up the side of the porthole. Add dropshadow.
C/P your tube. Dropshadow.
C/P Gears. Resize by 30%. Use your deform tool to position. Dropshadow.
C/P Watch. Resize by 30%. Use your deform tool to position. Dropshadow.
C/P Flower 4. Resize by 20%. Dropshadow. Duplicate a few times. I added 2 under the watch then 2 under the edge of the gears.
C/P Butterfly 4. Resize by 20%. Mirror and position over the gears. Dropshadow.
Select your background layer. C/P Paper 17 as a new layer. Apply mask of choice and merge group.
C/P Glitter. Resize by 65%.
C/P Scattered Gears 1. Adjust, Color Balance, Manual color correct. Source should be a gray from the gears, Target the same pink as the doodle.
Resize by 65%. Dropshadow.
Select your top layer.
Add text. Apply inner bevel of choice and dropshadow.
Don't forget copyright and watermark :)

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