Sunday, October 16, 2011

Everything Dies Tutorial (Peter Steele tribute)

Lemme just start this one off by saying Peter Steele was yet another brilliant musician taken before his time. My heart Goes out to his Family and surviving bandmates.

Supplies Used:
Peter Steele tube by Freya Langford-Sidebottom from her hotties rock series. Tube was bought from Dreamscape Imaging but I believe she is now with another company so ya may wanna look it up.

Scrapkit is Called "Dark October" By Witchy's Heart. This kit was made specifically for this tube. You can get this kit at Scrap-U-Nique.

Fonts Used:
Arial Black (I asked and this is the official font that Type O Used. It was confirmed by band members)

Eye Candy 4000 (Gradient Glow and Glass)

Ok Let's get started...

Open a new Canvas size 800 by 800.

C/P Arch #1. Resize by 70%.
Use your magic wand tool to select around the edges of the arch. Add a new Raster Layer. C/P paper 11 into selection. Select none and move your paper under the arch layer.

C/P Tombstone #2. Resize by 40%. Place towards the bottom half of your arch tube.

C/P Dead Ivy #1. Rotate by 90 degrees right. Resize by 90%. Position so it looks like it is climbing up the tombstone and arch.
C/P your tube. I lined mine up with the bottom of the tombstone and moved it slightly to the left .

C/P O Negative symbol. Resize by 70%. Move slightly up and to the left of your tube so you can see the bar in the center. Adjust Opacity to 50%. Move this layer to the bottom of your tag.

C/P Skull #3. Resize by 40%. Duplicate. Position skulls to cover the bottom of your tube.

C/P Candle #1. I used my manual color correction to change the brown in the candles to black. Resize by 10%. Position as you see fit. I used 2 under the skulls on the left side and 2 over my skulls on the right.

C/P Candle #2. Resize by 10%. Duplicate candle a few times an position as you like.

C/P Music notes #1. Resize by 40%. Duplicate and position as you like. Once notes are in place merge the 2 layers together and add Gradient glow with the following settings...

Using your Arial Black font type out R.I.P Peter Steele. (Of course this is all up to you but this is a tribute)
Add Eye Candy 4000 glass with these settings...

Now repeat your gradient glow with the same setting as before 2 times.

Dropshadow...This is what I used...

Now switch to you Satisfaction font. Type out "Everything Dies" In the green you have been using for your glow. Add Inner bevel with the following settings....

Apply Gradient glow with the same settings as before but change your color to black.

Finish the tag by adding your name with the Satisfaction font steps.

I hope you enjoyed this tut. And for all the Type O fans out there I hope this image does justice to the amazing work the Peter Steele and the rest of Type O Negative gave us over the years. Peter's passing was truly a huge loss and he will forever be missed. RIP.

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