Friday, October 28, 2011

Look Into the Mirror Tutorial

Supplies Used:
Bloody Vanity Kit by Jessica. Get it at Gothic Inspirations.

Sally May tube by The wonderful Fred Winkler. You can buy his tubes at CDO.

Font used:
Bleeding Cowboy

Filters used:
Eye Candy 4000 Gradient Glow
Xero Fritillary

Ok let's get started.
Open a new image size 600 by 600

So on this one I started with my tube cause I wanted to use it as a base for laying everything out. Add dropshadow with these settings...

C/P Mirror. Resize by 50%. I used manual color correction to change the mirror to a darker shade. I selected the frame of the mirror as my source color and black as my target.

Position mirror up towards the top of your tube layer. Move this UNDER the tube.

Use your lasso tool to select all the way around the inside of the frame. Add a new raster layer. C/P Just the top or face of your tube as a new layer. (if you have the close up even better but this tube does not). 

Resize your "face" by 200%. Position inside of your selection. Selections, Invert, Delete. (Again with a close up you can skip these steps)

Adjust opacity on "face" layer to Screen.

Okies now we can head to the underlying layers....

C/P Scroll Stapled. Resize by 60%. Use your deform tool to position scroll at a bit of angle. Move this layer to the BOTTOM of your canvas.

C/P Dripping sheet. Using your deform tool position so that drips completely cover your scroll layer.Adjust, Sharpness, Sharpen. Use your eraser tool to remove any drips that are off of the scroll.

C/P Metal Fence Piece. (If you like the way the fence looks you can leave it as is or your can follow my steps.) Resize by 45%. Use the deform tool to position fence at more of an angle. Position this piece just UNDER your mirror. Duplicate, Flip. Layer merge down. Duplicate again and mirror. Position as desired.
C/P Glass Gem  2 UNDER your mirror.

C/P Clock Vanity. Resize by 75%. Add the following dropshadow....

Use your Lasso tool to select all the way around the edges of your clock layer. Add a new raster layer and move under the clock. 

C/P Paper 8 into selection. Deselect. 

Add zero Fritillary with the following settings...

Select your clock layer and merge down. Move UNDER your tube layer and position.

C/P Flower. Resize by 50%. Position Just OVER your fence layer.

Duplicate flower. Resize by 50% again. Mirror. Duplicate flower again. Flip and position over the top of the first one. Layers, Merge down. Resize by 50% a 3rd time. Duplicate 2 time for a total of 3. Position these just OVER your clock layer.

C/P Old Bottle 2. Resize by 20%. Position the the edge of your mirror. Duplicate and move slightly down and to the right of the original.

C/P Razor. Resize by 20%. Use your deform tool to change the angle and position over the left side of your bottles.

C/P Needle. Resize by 20%. I positioned mine at the bottom middle of my bottles.

C/P Bloody knife. Resize by 20%. Position on the right corner of your lower bottle.

C/P pills. Resize by 10%. Duplicate 2 times for a total of 3. Position around the rest of the small elements for a scattered look.

C/P Wordart 2. Resize by 35%. Adjust, Sharpness, Sharpen More.  Add the following drop shadow...

The Gradient glow. Settings at 3, 25, 10. My second tab looks like this...

Then inner bevel with the following settings.... 
Repeat drop Shadow.

I used my eraser tool to remove the bits of her skirt that had a hard edge but your wont have to do that with all tubes :)

Add your copyright and watermark.

Add your font. I used the color from the skirt of my tube. Repeat drop shadow. Then Gradient Glow. Then Inner Bevel. Then drop shadow again.

I hope your enjoyed this tut and much as I did. I would love to see your results :)

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