Sunday, October 16, 2011

Vampire Hell Tut...

Supplies used:

Amazing tube by Woz called Dawn of the Night. This tube is only available from The Art Of Giving. While you are there be sure to check out the site's mission. This is a Charity site for the tagging and PSP community.  What sets it apart from other programs is that you will be told where 100% of your funds are going. These first donations are going to a tagger who has been going without meds she desperately needs because she couldn't afford them. If you are familiar with the T.A.G fund you know how easily it can be frustrating to now know where your donations are going.
Scrapkit is called Vampire Hell and you can get it at Treasured Scraps


Eyecandy 4000 (Gradient Glow)

Ok...Let's get started. This is a real quick and easy tut so I hope you have now problems following it :)

Open a new canvas size 800 by 800.

C/P Circle black red. Position slightly to the left of your canvas. I used my manual color correct to change the brown bits to red as well.

Using your magic wand select the inside of your frame. Selections, Modify, expand by 4. Add a new raster layer and move UNDER your frame. 

C/P tube into selection. 


I added clock 2 BEHIND my frame as a sort of background but you can skip this if you prefer it to be transparent.

C/P Cofin element. I used my lasso tool to remove the handles of the coffin. Resize by 50%. position on the right side of your frame.

C/P Grave bag 2. Resize by 50%. I positioned this slightly over my coffin.

C/P Lights. Resize by 50%. I used my deform tool to make the lights taller.

C/P love hurts 2. Resize by 50%. I changed my hue/saturation both to 0 for a greyscale effect.

C/P goblet. Resize by 50%. Duplicate and move just a touch down and to the right.

C/P Bottle 2. Resize by 50%. I used the deform tool again to make the bottle a bit taller and slimmer.

C/P Razorbrack. Resize by 50%. Place just UNDER your Love Hurts box.

C/P rose. Resize by 50%. Duplicate and use your deform tool to move on a slight angle. Merge down. Duplicate roses and mirror. Move into position.

C/P Raven. Resize by 50%. Effects, Edge Effects, Enhance.

C/P Vampire wordart. I used manual color correction to change to a red tint. Resize by 50%. Position just UNDER your elements and move to the left.

C/P Hell wordart #3.I used manual color correction to change to a red tint. Resize by 50%. Position just UNDER your elements and move to the right. Just position your words so they are centered on the tag.

Merge wordart layers together and add dropshadow.

C/P Element wen 3 (web). Adjust hue/Saturation both to 0. Position on top left of frame. Use your eraser to remove any bits that hang over the frame.

Add copyright and watermark.

Type name out in Raven font. Use inner bevel with these settings...

Then gradient glow in black...

and finally add a dropshadow.

Hopefully you enjoyed this tut and be sure to check out The Art Of Giving

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