Thursday, October 27, 2011

Boo-tiful Bash Mini Tut

Supplies used:
Bootiful Bash kit by my good friend Wicked Princess. You can get the kit at DigiDivas.

AL Meaningful

Eyecandy 4000 and PSP Inner Bevel (Font Only)

A soft grunge mask of choice (I suck at keeping track of where I get mine)

Table element made by me for this tut which you can download from Mediafire HERE

What I used:
Canvas size 600 by 600

My little silly looking table. You are covering most of it up anyway. I did leave just a black layer in case you prefer it.

Paper 1

Elements resized by 50%:
Balloons (x2)

Resized by 30%
Zombie Shani
Miss Kitty Christina
Blob Omzy
Princess Chole
Cowgirl Lesia

Resized by 20%
Boo Juice (x4)
Boo Juice Cup (x2)

Resized by 15%
Goth Goblet (x3)
Gifts (x3)
Loot Bucket
Jack-O-Lantern (x2)

Resized by 10%
Kitty Skull Cupcake (x3)
Bat (x3)
Sucker (x3)

Resized by 5%
Candy 1 (x3)
Candy 2 (x3)
Candy 3 (x2)
Candy Corn (x5)

Thats it...super simple!!

Oh and BTW...My new Siggy is from the kit too...

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