Saturday, October 22, 2011

Where The Wild Roses Grow (Ralf Straaberg)

First off let me say this entire tut was inspired by my wonderful friend Ralf Straaberg. Without this beautiful tube I would not have been inspired to use these beautiful song lyrics. Thanks so much my friend!!!

Supplies Used:

Rose tube By Ralf Straaberg available at DSI .

Scrapkit called Horror Whorez and the freebie of the same name by the amazing Gothic Inspirations

Sakkal Majalla

Eyecandy 4000 (Gradient glow)

Song Lyrics are by the Amazing Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds. Song is called Where The Wild Roses grow and is on the album B-sides and Rarities . You can listen to it and other songs on the official site HERE

Ok let's get started...This one is pretty simple but I hope it makes an impact.

I started with a canvas size 800 by 800.

C/P Frame 3.

Using your lasso tool select around all the edges of the frame. Add a new layer UNDER the frame. C/P paper 10 into selection.

Back on your frame layer. C/P tube. Use your magic wand to select inside of the frame again. Selections, modify, expand by 1. Invert selection and erase the bits that hang over your frame.

C/P Fence 2 UNDER your tube layer. Resize by 75% and Sharpen.

C/P Grass over your fence. Sharpen.

C/P Drink. Resize by 75% move UNDER your tube layer. Then up and to the right of the frame. Duplicate and move one of the glasses slightly up.

C/P tall candle. Resize by 75%. Use your selection tool to select the large base on the candle. Delete. Deselect. Move to the left of your frame. Duplicate 2 times for a total of 3 and position as desired.

C/P Booth over the candle layers.

C/P Leaves. resize by 50%. Duplicate 2 times for a total of 3 and position. I used the arch or my tubes arm as a guideline.

C/P Flower. Resize by 20%. Adjust your hue and saturation so the flower is a red color. (otherwise it will not show up well.) Duplicate 2 times for a total of 3 and position near the center of leaves.

C/P heart. Resize by 35%. I positioned mine to fill in the empty space in foliage.

C/P Needle 2. Resize by 50%.

C/P Blood Ink. Resize by 30%.

C/P Glass blood. resize by 50%. I lined mine up with the bottom of my tubes arm. Duplicate, Mirror, resize by 50% and position the glass UNDER the original.

C/P Razor. Resize by 30%. I positioned the razor so it looks like it may have fallen out of her hand.

Here I went a bit crazy with the blood stuffs due to wanting to fill out the tube I used and I always think the bloodier the better. I used the following elements for my blood pools.
Splatter 1 resize by 50%
Splatter 3
Blood Pool

Now using your Sakkal Majalla font size 20 type out your text for the top of the tag. Add eyecandy Gradient glow in red with these settings...
Repeat gradient glow in white.

Add drop Shadow. I used these settings...

Add your copyright and watermark.

Type out your name in the hurricane font. Add gradient glow same settings as before in red. Then again in white. Dropshadow.

Thanks so much for trying my tut! I look forward to seeing your results!!

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