Friday, April 6, 2012

Gorjuss Spring tut

Supplies Used:
Ladybug Garden kit by Tasha's Playground. It is Exclusive to PTE.
Butterfly Nose tube by Suzanne Woolcott. I bought this tube back when AMI was still open but you can now get it direct from her store HERE. (Sorry this is to the ube pack I could not find the individual tube)
Font: TK Doodle
Eyecandy 4000 Gradient Glow (Font Only)
Mask of choice.

Open a new image size 650 by 250.
C/P Frame 3. Resize by 75%.
Open Paper 1. Crop the paper to remove the white border around the edges. Resize paper by 75%.
C/P paper under your frame layer.
C/P Flower Scatter. Resize by 
Select the inside of the frame with you magic wand tool. Selections, Modify, Expand by 2. 
Invert selection. 50%. Dropshadow, Duplicate, and Mirror. Position the flowers over the grass on your paper.
Hit delete on your paper & Flower layers.
Add dropshadow to the frame layer.
 C/P Clothes line. Resize by 30%. Dropshadow.Position so the bows in the line are just above the frame layer.
C/P Tree. Resize by 50%. Dropshadow. Position to the left of the frame. 
Duplicate tree and move slightly down. Use your eraser tool to remove any excess.
C/P Bush. Resize by 40%. Dropshadow. Position with your deform tool on a slight angle in the left corner of the frame. 
Duplicate bush and mirrror. Position next to the original.
C/P Flower Mug. Resize by 40%. Dropshadow and position near the center of the bushes.
C/P Bucket. Resize by 40%. Position over the mug only. Use your eraser to remove the inside edge of the bucket. Dropshadow.
C/P Watercan. Resize by 40%. Dropshadow and position over the flower bucket.
C/P Ladybug 2. Resize by 20%. Dropshadow. Duplicate. Position both near the bottom right corner of the bucket.
C/P Cloud. Resize by 50%. Dropshadow. Position to the top right of the frame.
C/P Sun. Resize by 50%. Dropshadow. Position over the cloud.
C/P Grass 2. Resize by 40%. Dropshadow and position near the bottom right corner.
C/P Flowermug. Resize by 40%. Position to one side of the grass. Dropshadow.
C/P Frog. Resize by 40%. Dropshadow. Position over the mug.
C/P Scatter. Resize by 20%. Dropshadow. Position over the grass.
Select your background layer. C/P  paper 2. Apply mask of choice and merge group.
Add your copyright and watermark.
Type out your font. Because the the way this font is I type my Caps out separate from the lower case. Then I stretch the lower case letters to make them larger. Convert to raster layer. Add Inner bevel of choice. Gradient Glow of 3 if needed. Dropshadow.
Thanks for trying my tut :P

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