Sunday, January 22, 2012

Love Hurts Tut

Supplies Used:

Fetish Valentine tube By Celinart Pinup. Get it at SATC 
Love Hurts kit by A Tagger's Scrap. This you can also get from SATC.
Eyecandy 4000 (Glass and Gradient glow)
Xero XL (Nostalgia)
Grunge mask of choice

Open a new image size 800 by 800.

C/P Frame 6. Duplicate frame. Change Layer properties to Multiply. Merge Down.

C/P Frame 2. Duplicate frame. Change Layer properties to Multiply. Merge Down. Resize by 85%.

Open your tube. (If you are using the same tube Duplicate both the hair and lip desaturate layers. change top layers to multiply. This will give it a more black color. Close Title and background layers. Copy merged.

Paste tube as a new IMAGE. Mirror tube and minimize for now.

Paste tube as a new layer onto your tag (I resized mine by about 65%)

Open Wordart 2. Use your magic wand tool to select the inside letters. Go to Adjust, Color Balance, Manual color correction. Four your source select the current color of the letters, Target to black. KEEP SELECTED. Add eyecandy 4000 glass with these settings...

Deselect. Now select all the glow area on the wordart. Go to adjust, Color Balance, Manual color correct and change to red. Keep selected and add inner bevel with these settings...

Deselect and add drop shadow...this is what I used...

C/P Wordart so it covers the bottom of your tube. I used my deform tool to "squish" the letters together a bit more. Use your eraser tool if you want to erase any bits that overlap your tube.

C/P Curtain 5. Rotate 90 degrees left. Resize by 50%. Position around the top right of the frame.

C/P Curtain 3. Rotate 90 degrees left. Resize by 50%. Mirror. Position just over the black curtain. Duplicate. On duplicate change the layer property to multiply. Merge down.

C/P  chained heart. Resize by 50%. Position slightly to the right of your curtains. Go to adjust, Sharpness, Sharpen more.

C/P Candalabra. Resize by 50%. Duplicate.change layer property to multiply. Merge down. Position so the bottom of the candles is sitting on top of your wordart.

C/P Mask. Resize by 50%. Use your deform tool to position mask to hide the top of the curtains.

C/P Corset 3. Resize by 50%. Duplicate 2 times. Change layer properties on BOTH duplicates to multiply. Merge down 2 times. Use the deform tool to position over the bottom of the candelabra.

C/P Wire. Mirror and then position in the upper right hand side of your tag. Add grunge mask of choice. Layers merge, Merge Group. Duplicate and mirror. Merge down. Duplicate and flip. Merge down. Move wire layer to the bottom of your tag.

C/P Boot. Resize by 75%. Mirror. position just under your other elements.
C/P Collar. Resize by 50%. Position under the top of the boot. 

C/P Cuffs 1. Resize by 50%. Position in the opening of the collar.

C/P Tickler 3. Resize by 50%. Duplicate. Change layer property to Multiply. Merge down. Use your deform tool to position and fill any blank space between your elements.

C/P Whip 2. Resize by 50%. Postion over the corset just about your wordart.

C/P Cuffs 2. Resize by 50%. Position over the corset opposite the whip.

C/P petals. Resize by 75%. Duplicate, layer property to multiply, Merge down. Duplicate again and position so the petals lay in between the originals. Merge down. Duplicate and mirror. Go to Adjust, Color Balance, Manual color correction and change these petals to black.

Use your lasso tool to select around the inside of your frame. Add a new raster layer. C/P Paper 8 into selection. Duplicate and change layer property to Multiply. Merge down. Move to just above the wire layer.

C/P the mirror version of the tube your minimized earlier.

Paste as a new layer. position as your want and go to selection, Invert. Make sure you are on the tube layer and hit delete. Deselect.

Tube should be just above the paper layer but if it is not move it there :P

Add Xero Nostalgia XL with these settings...

Change the layer property to screen. Adjust the opacity to about 80%.

Add your copyright and watermark.

Type out your name. Add eyecandy 4000 glass same settings at before.
Add eyecandy 4000 gradient glow width at 3.
Then add your dropshadow and you're done :P

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