Monday, January 9, 2012

Heartkiller Tut...

I KNOW I KNOW!! I said I wouldn't tut template tags only do mini tuts but this is a special case. This one was made by my dear friend Magik and well...It's HIM lol.

Supplies Used:

Heartkiller template by Manipulated by Magik. Get it from HERE.

Ville Valo tube by Arthur Crowe. This is a forum Exclusive tube but guess what...It is not a tag forum. The forum is dedicated to all things HIM!! So if you love HIM , Daniel Lioneye. Or one of the many side projects that have been done come join us at Dark Light.

Kit is called Black Dagger Brotherhood-Zsadist (He is my favorite) by A Tagger's Scrap. You can buy this kit alone or if you are a brotherhood addict like me there is a bundle of all 4 Brothers!! Okay moving on LOL...Get this awesome kit at SATC


Eyecandy 4000 Gradient Glow

HIM Brushes (I got mine from Deviant art ages ago. The lyric brushes I know were made by DuckySocks...The heartagram I don't remember but the are not hard to find on DA)

Ok in the process of making this tag I just jumped all around LOL. I am gonna try and work my way up from the bottom starting with the template first then come back and add the elements.

Open Template and delete copyright info.
I adjusted my canvas size to 800 and resized later.

Merge your bar layers together. Use the magic wand tool to select both bars.Add a new raster layer. C/P paper 19 into selection. Deselect. You can delete the original bars if you like.

Select the Square Background Layer. Use the magic wand to select the entire Square. Add A new raster Layer. C/P paper 14 Into Selection.Add your Heartagram brush in black. Deselect. Now in your layer Palette select the square frame. Go to Adjust, Color Balance, Negative image.

Select the circle Background. Selection, Select All, Float. Add a new raster layer. C/P paper 4 into selection. Keep select and add your lyric brushes in color #771b4d. Select the circle frame layer and duplicate. On the top layer change the layer property to multiply.

Select your heart frame. Go to Adjust, Color Balance, Negative Image. Select the heart Background. Click heart background with your magic wand. Add a new raster layer. C/P paper 4 into selection. C/P your closeup tube (In my case I had to use the same tube resized to 150%). Make sure you have the closeup tube selected in your layer palette and go to selections, Invert, Delete. Deselect. Change the opacity of your closeup to softlight. Select the flatline. Adjust, Color balance,Manual color correction to #771b4d. Select pixel word strip. Adjust, Color balance, Manual Color Correction to black.

Select the scribble heart. Adjust, Color Balance, Manual Color Correction to #771b4d.

Now for the fun part :)

Add your tube just above the scribble heart. I wanted my text slightly over my tube. I moves all the font layer EXCEPT the pixel layer to the top for now. 

Now starting back on the bottom and coming up...

C/P Parchment. Use your deform tool to position an angle (Or rotate about 15 degrees). Move to the bottom layer.

C/P Clouds. Position over the bars. 

Click on the circle frame layer. C/P the wings. Use your deform tool to make them fit nicely around the frame.

C/P Candle 2. Duplicate 2 times for a total of 3. Position at varying heights along the left side of your heart.

C/P Goblet. Resize by 75%. Adjust, Color Balance, Manual color correct. I selected a light gray to turn the goblet a darker shade. Duplicate and position one just about the other over the candles.

C/P Cross. Resize by 75%. Use your deform tool to position on an angle.

C/P Button. Resize by 75%. position in the space left by the cross.

C/P Slave band. Resize by 25%. Position over the bottom of the cross. 

C/P Razor. Resize by 75%. I position this so part of the "blood" cover the bracelet.

Add Copyright and watermark.

Add your name using #771b4d. Inner Bevel of your choice. Dropshadow. Duplicate your name. On the original add Gradient glow of 3 2nd tab fat. repeat your bevel and dropshadow.


  1. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!
    This looks absofohkbalutely FANTASTIC!!!

    Thank you so much, Sweetie. I love it. =)

    *huge hugz*

  2. Awesome tut!!! Zsadist is my favorite too! ;)

  3. Thanks guys!! It was fun to do this one :P

  4. I LOVE the tut and the tube.
    You know me, once a horror ;)