Friday, January 13, 2012

Gothic Love tut (FTU)

Supplies used:
Tubes by Zindy S.D. Neilsen called Queen of the Night (Framed) And Tears Of Yesterday. You can get them at her store HERE.

Awesome freebie kit my Purple called Gothic love. Get it and many others from her blog HERE

Eyecandy 4000 (Glass and Gradient Glow)
Xero XL Bad Dream


Grunge Mask of Choice.

Let's Get a move on shall we :P

Open a new canvas size 800 by 800.

C/P Wire. Image, Rotate, Free Rotate 90 degrees (Make sure all layers is unchecked)

C/P Frame 2. Resize by 85%. Using your magic wand tool select all the inside bits of the frame (You don't have to do the edges but I like how it looked). Go to Selections, Modify, Expand by 5. Add a new raster layer. C/P Paper 8 into selection. Select none.Move under your frame layer. Choose your frame layer in your layer palette. With your magic wand select only the inside part of your frame. Selections, Modify, Expand by 5. Add a new Raster layer. C/P Closeup tube into the selection. Deselect and move this under the frame. Add Xero Bad Dream XL with the following settings...
Change your layer properties to Screen and Adjust the opacity to about 75.

C/P Moon. Position in the upper left of your tag. Dropshadow.  Move this to just above the wire layer. Select your top layer. C/P your tall tube on the left side of the frame over the moon. Add drop shadow.

C/P Goth Heart 1. Duplicate a few times and position around the frame and tube layers. Move these Under your moon but above the wire. C/P Nuts. Resize by 50%. Duplicate a few times and position over the goth Hearts.

Open Roses 1,2, and 3. Use your lasso tool to select just the leaves and stems. Adjust, Hue/Saturation both set to 0. Resize each one by 50%. C/P all 3 roses as a new layer. Duplicate each one like 3 times. Starting at the top of the frame position roses to about halfway down. Now go back on each rose and use your eraser to remove any stems that overlap the rosebuds. Hide all your layers but the roses. Click on one rose and merge visible. Adjust, Sharpness, Sharpen.Unhide your other layers. Duplicate roses and flip. They may overlap a bit and if they do just be sure to remove the stems that overlap or stick out.

C/P Cross. Resize by 50%.Use your deform tool to position on an angle pointing into your tag.Position over the bottom of tor rose cluster. Duplicate. Mirror duplicate and position with the bottom slightly lower than the original.

C/P Candles. Resize by 50%. Position just over the bottom of the crosses. Duplicate and Mirror. Position Duplicate just in between the candles on the original. C/P Heart. Resize by 50%. Use the deform tool to position on a slight angle. Duplicate and position hearts over the bottom of the candles. C/P Key. Resize by 50%. Position Over the hearts. C/P Metal Skull. Resize by 75%. Use the deform tool to position on a slight angle over the key so that the top of the key still shows. 

C/P rose 4 & 5. Duplicate Rose 5. Go to Adjust, Color Balance, Manual Color Correction. Select a darker gray to turn rose black. C/P each rose onto your tag and resize by 30%. I duplicated eah one a few times and used these to fill in the empty space under the candles.

C/P Skullfly. Resize by 30%. Position over the center of your rose clusters. Duplicate and use your deform tool to position.

Add your copyright and watermark.

Type your your font. Add Eye candy 4000 Glass...
Then Gradient glow of 2 like this...
Then just add your dropshadow :P

Select your background layer. Selects, Select all, Float. C/P Paper 8 into selection. Deselect and add your mask.

Hope your enjoyed this tut :P

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