Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Easy Blue tut (FTU)

Supplies used:

Tubes of Malice McMunn by my girl Justice Howard. You can get them at psptubes.net

Scrapkit called Extreme Biker Chic. You can get it at Scraps Dimensions

Vivian Xtreme by Wiescher design

Eye candy 4000 Gradient Glow

Mask of choice

Ok this is is super easy tut made for anyone!!

Open a new image size 600 by 600

C/P Glitter frame. Resize by 25%. C/P Frame 3. Resize by 30%. Position glitter frame peeking out from the upper left side.Duplicate, Flip, And Mirror. Back on frame 3 use your magic wand to select all the empty areas of the frame. Selections, Modify, Expand by 5. Add a new raster layer. C/P Paper 7 into selection.

C/P your tube. Add drop shadow as Desired. At this point I decided I did not want so much extra room on the left side of my frame so I used my deform tool  to more in both frame layers and the background layer. (This may not be needed depending on your tube :) Duplicate the metal frame layer. Move to the top. Use your selection or eraser tool to remove any bits that hang over the top of the tube. Use your eraser again to remove any bits of the tube that hang out of the bottom of the frame.

C/P Doodle. Resize by 25%. Adjust, Color Balance, Manual color correction. Select a darker gray to turn the doodle to a black color. Adjust, Sharpness, Sharpen more. Position on the upper right of the frame. Duplicate and flip. 

C/P Ipod. Resize by 15%. Position in the middle of your doodles. Use your magic wand to select the inside frame. Add a new layer. Open paper 6. Use your selection tool to select a small amount of the paper. C/P into selection on your tag. Move under the ipod. Add a new layer. C/P the face of you tube into the selection. Deselect. Change the layer property to Luminance Legacy. C/P Flowers 3 and 4. Resize both by 10%. Duplicate each one a few times and position around the ipod to make a little cluster.

Selections, Select all. Add new raster layer. C/P Fence into selection. Select none. Add your make to fence layer. Move to the bottom of your tag.

Select your top layer. Add your copyright and watermarks.

Type your your test at the bottom of your frame. (I only used caps on the first letter). Go to adjust, Add remove noise with these settings...
Then Eyecandy 4000 Glass...
Then Eyecandy 4000 Gradient Glow...
Repeat gradient glow and add drop shadow.

Sure hope it was easy for ya :)


  1. this is badass blue-ness MISS TRAGEDY >

  2. and yes it is TRAGIC , mis TRAGEDY that you are so good at this!!!!