Monday, February 17, 2014

Ashes Of Fire tut...

What I Used:
Katty tube by Celinart Pinup. Get it HERE.
Katty Devil kit from Hania's Design. Get it HERE.
Eyecandy 4000 Gradient Glow (Font Only)
Font: Showgirl

Open a new image size 500 by 500.
C/P Element 10.
Resize by 50%.
Duplicate and flip.
Position flames near the top and bottom of the canvas.
Use your deform tool to stretch both sets of flames so they meet in the middle of the canvas.
C/P Element 12.
Resize by 85%.
C/P Element 91.
 Resize by 85%. Dropshadow.
Position at the bottom of the moon.
C/P Element 32.
Resize by 65%. Dropshadow.
Position tree so the branches run across the top of the moon.
C/P Element 15.
Resize by 85%. Dropshadow.
Position so the birds over the tree branches.
C/P Element 117.
Image, Mirror.
 Resize by 50%. Dropshadow.
Position over the right side of the moon.
C/P Element 107.
Resize by 50%. Dropshadow.
Position over the bottom of the gate.
C/P the following elements over the bottom of the gate:
Element 48 (50%)
Element 14 (30%)
Element 26 (30%)(Adjust hue/saturation to 0)
Element 20 (30%)
Element 8 (30%)
Element 39 (50%)
Element 85 (I removed the base and handle with my eraser tool)(50%)(7x)
Element 100 (30%)
C/P Element 75.
Resize by 30%. Dropshadow.
Duplicate lantern.
Position lanterns over the top left corner of the gate.
C/P your tube. Dropshadow.
Type out your font and convert to raster layer.
Apply inner bevel of choice.
Add Gradient Glow of 5 in black.
Don't forget your copyright & Watermark.

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