Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Clockwork Princess tut...(Animated)

Ok so a word of forewarning on this tut...I played with this for awhile to try and get it the way I wanted it. There may be ways to eliminate steps in the process but I would recommend this tut only for very experienced PSP'ers. I am gonna explain what I did the best I can for you but I may miss a few steps and such along the way!

What I used:
Kato Steampunk tube by Celinart Pinup. Get it HERE.
Steam Punk'd kit from Manipulated By Magic. Get it HERE.
Fall Template from Angi. Get it from Creative Misfits.
Fine Leather Texture (Included in PSP 9)
Tramages Tow The Line
Eyecandy 4000 Gradient Glow
Brushes of choice (Or a mask)
Animation Shop
Font: Steampuff

Open up the template and delete credits, Word Art, And bottom right gradient layers.
Select the background layer and flood fill black.
Add a new raster layer.
Apply your brushes or mask of choice. (If using a mask don't forget to merge the group after applying.)
Move the center circle frame above the center gradient circle.
Apply inner bevel of choice to center circle frame.
Dropshadow the layers titled Bottom Left Rectangle & Top Right Rectangle (They are actually the large circle layers.)
Dropshadow all 4 thin rectangle layers.
C/P Hot Air Balloon.
Resize by 75%. Dropshadow.
Position just under the right edge of the center circle back.
Select the top Left gradient Rectangle.
Selections, Select all, float.
Add a new raster layer.
C/P Paper 15 into selection.
Add another new raster layer.
C/P Paper 14 into selection.
Delete original rectangle layer.
Dropshadow Paper 15 layer.
Change the layer property on Paper 14 to Luminance (L).
Select the Center circle back layer.
Apply the fine leather texture with these settings...
Then apply the tramages Tow The Line with these settings...
Select the Center Gradient Circle layer.
Selections, Select all, Float.
Add a new raster layer.
C/P Paper 2 into selection.
Change the layer  property to overlay.
C/P Jars.Image, Mirror.
Resize by 60%. Dropshadow.
Position over the basket of the hot air balloon.
C/P Roses.
Resize by 40%. Dropshadow.
Position over the top center jar.
C/P Hat.
Resize by 30%. Dropshadow.
Position over the bottom left of the jars.
C/P Pocket Watch.
Resize by 20%. Dropshadow.
Position to the right of the hat.
C/P Binoculars.
Resize by 25%. Dropshadow.
Position over the bottom right of the watch and jars.
C/P your tube. Dropshadow.
(I added Hat 2 resize by 25% to my tube.)
Apply inner bevel of choice.
Add gradient Glow of 3 in black.
Don't forget to add your copyright and watermarks.

Now I am gonna move on to the animation and this is where everything it gonna get tricky as I used a trial of process and error to get the look I wanted. Now you can eliminate the paper overlay we created earlier and save yourself some trouble but I liked the way it looked and wanted to have it in the final product.

In Animation Shop make sure propagate paste is checked.
In PSP Open Gear 2.
Adjust, Hue/Saturation both set to 0.
Resize by 30%. All Layers checked.
Copy into animation shop.
Go to Effects, Insert Image Effect and apply these settings. (Ignore the watch it is the gear I just didnt print screen during the process.)
Close all the layers in psp except the gradient.
Image, Copy merged.
Paste into PSP as a new image.
Duplicate the tag layer so you have 19 frames.
Select frame one then go to edit, Select all.
On your rotating gear click frame 1 then go to edit, Select all.
Drag your gear over the tag and position so that the entire gear is inside the gradient circle.
If you want to add more gears like I did just hit the back button on the gear and drag to your image again. You can also hit the reverse frames button on the gear to make it rotate the opposite direction. Just remember to always have all your frame checked and drag from frame 1 to frame 1.

This is the part where things got a little tricky cause I wanted that green overlay. Again you can totally skip this part and your tag will look fine just the gears will stand out a bit more.

Make sure all your tag frames are select and copy image.
Paste into PSP as a new image. Each frame should show up as a new layer.
On your original template in psp open & select the overlay layer and copy (Do NOT copy merged.)
Paste onto your new image with the rotating gears.
Position over the gradient layer and gears.
You will need to duplicate the overlay so you have an even number with the gradients.
Take the top overlay layer and merge it down to the top frame layer.
Close this layer so the following ones are easier to work on.
Repeat for every frame layer.
Reopen all the layers and save as a .psd.
Open the PSD in animation shop.
Selections, Select all.
Change the animation frame properties to 20.

Back in PSP close all layers but the frame layer.
C/P into animation shop as a new image.
Drag the frame to frame 1 of the animation and position to cover the edges of the gears and gradient.
Back in psp close all your layers.
Open the layers from your Center Circle back layers (This is the textured Tow the Line Layer) down to the background layer.
Copy Merged and paste into animation shop as a new animation.
Duplicate frames for a total of 19.
Select frame 1 and then hit select all.
Drag frame 1 of the gradient & Gears to frame 1 of the background.
Back in PSP close all your layers.
Open all layers from the Jars up.
Copy Merged and paste into animation shop as a new frame.
Drag to frame 1 of your animation.

Thats it...Sorry to make it so complicated but I didnt want to forget anything. Hope you enjoyed this tut :P Send me results HERE and I will be sure to post them :P

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