Saturday, December 17, 2011

You Better Watch Out tut...

Supplies Used:
Noel 2011 tube by Celinart. You can get her tubes at SATC.

Christmas Chaos kit by my girl Tasha's Playground. The kits is available at SATC as well.

SF Disco Ball

Eyecandy 4000 Gradient Glow (font only)

Open a new image 600 by 600

C/P Frame 3. Resize by 90%. Image, Rotate, Free Rotate, 90 degrees right (Make sure all layers is unchecked)

Use your magic wand and click inside your frame layer. Selections, Modify, Expand by 5. Add a new raster layer. C/P paper 5 into selection. Deselect and move this under the frame layer.

C/P your tube. Move to the left of your frame layer. Use your eraser to remove any of the bits that hang over the frame.
Select your paper layer.

C/P Tree 4. Resize by 30%. Duplicate and position at slightly different heights.

C/P Tree 2. Resize by 40%. position in the middle of the red trees.

C/P Reindeer. Resize by 20%. Position at the bottom of your trees.

C/P Reindeer 2. Resize by 20%. Position at the bottom of your trees opposite the 1st reindeer.

C/P Elf Dude. Resize by 30%. Position between the 2 reindeer.

Close your Frame, paper, And tube layers. Merge Visible. Reopen your layers and move your merged elements between the frame and paper layers.

C/P Snow. position along the bottom of your frame layer. 

C/P Icicles. Resize by 85%. Position under the top of the frame layer. Duplicate and mirror. Merge Down. Use your eraser tool to remove any excess.

C/P Decor. Resize by 50%. Position on the right side of your frame.

C/P bow 3. Resize by 50%. Position over your decor.

C/P Lights. Resize by 50% 2 times. Duplicate. Position along the top of your frame layer.

Click on the frame layer in the layer palette.

C/P Ogre. Resize by 40%. Position in the right corner of your frame.

Now select the frame layer again. Using the Discoball front type out your text on the left side of the frame. 

Effects, 3d effects, Inner Bevel with these settings...

Then Gradient glow with the following settings...
Tab 2...

Add your name with the satisfaction font and repeat bevel and glow.

I added a drop shadow to all my layers with these settings...

Don't forget your copyright and watermark. I would love to see your results!

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