Saturday, December 3, 2011

Season's Greetings Tut...(FTU)

Supplies Used:

Tube is called Dionne Christmas by Elias Chatzoudis and it was part of the PTE Xmas gift 2011. If you don't have it there are plenty of amazing Xmas tube by Elias available at PTE

Scrapkit called Season's Greetings. Get it from Scrapin Designs blog .

Eye Candy 4000 Glass and Gradient Glow (font Only)

Velvenda Cooler

Open Frame 2. Image, Canvas Size 800 by 800. (You can resize later I like having extra room to work with)

Move frame slightly to the left of the canvas.

C/P Deco 1. Position along the top of the frame. Duplicate, Flip.

                                  C/P Garland. Resize by 75%. Position over the art deco layers.
C/P Tree. Resize by 75%. Position on the right of the frame. Duplicate and move slightly down and to the right.

C/P Train Track. Position so it looks like it is going around the bottom of both the trees and the frame. 

C/P both gifts and Gifts 0. Resize both by 40%. Duplicate one of them so you have a total of 3. Position these around the bottom of the trees. Move them under the train track.

Use your eraser tool to remove any bits of track that hang over the gifts and frame. You want it to look like the train is circling around everything :)

C/P your tube.

Use your magic wand to select the inside of the frame. Selections, Modify, Expand by 5.

Add a new raster layer and move under the frame. C/P Paper 5 into selection. KEEP SELECTED.

C/P Closeup of your tube. (Or just resize if you don't have one so that just the face is in the selection)

Selections, Invert, Delete. Change Blend mode of your closeup to Multiply.

C/P all additional elements and add them to your tree to decorate. Remember to move any elements that you put on the back tree under the other tree if they overlap. I used the following:

Bow 7 (Resize by 25%) (2x)
Star 1 (I adjusted the hue of gold to red) (Resize by 20) (2x)
Poinsetta (20%) (7x)
Poinsettia 1 (15%) (6X)
Poinsettia 0 (15%) (4X)
Snowflake 0 (15%) (4x)

Add the following dropshadow to your tube, deco, garland, tree, and gift layers...
Add your copyright and watermark.

For the font.

I added Season's Greetings using velvanda Cooler. Color #097309.

Add glass with the following Settings...

Then Dropshadow same as before.

Then Gradient Glow in #ff0000.

Dropshadow Again.

Move UNDER your tube.

For the name I used font satisfaction. Same steps as before only swap your colors.

Hope you enjoyed ;)

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