Sunday, December 18, 2011

Imperfect tut...

Supplies used:

Emilie tube by Sky scraps. Get it at SATC.

Poisoned Rain Scrapkit by Wicked Princess Scraps. You can get it at DigiDivaz.

Template from Creative Misfits. It is in the collab templates but I can't remember which set. Template name is Collab Temp 1 Cin_Lin.

GFY Otep.

Open Template. Delete the copyright layer.

C/P your tube on the right side over your circle layers. Now click on the pink grained circle. Selection, float. Select your tube in the layer palette. Use the eraser to remove anything outside of the circle. (No worries about being exact cause the elements will cover it)

Lock together the pink rectangle, Star Lines, Stars, Dotted Lines, Imperfect, & Like Being. move these slightly to the right of the large black rectangle. Just leave a small bit of black showing between the pink rectangle and glitter border.

Select the like being layer again. Go to Adjust, Color Balance, Negative image. Repeat on Stars, Star Lines, & Dotted Lines.

C/P Skull Chain. position in the black area on the left side of your tag.

C/P Rose Candle on the bottom left of the template. Resize by 50%.

C/P  Medium candle. Resize by 50%. I used my deform tool to make the candle fit between the 2 in the Rose candle cluster. Move UNDER the Rose candle Cluster.

C/P Bauganvilla. Resize by 30%. Move UNDER the Rose Candle layer. Duplicate and mirror. Move duplicate and mirror. Position opposite the 1st one.

C/P Feather Wings. Resize by 75%. Use your deform tool to position the wings as desired.

C/P medium Candle. Resize by 50%. Duplicate and position one candle slightly lower than the other.

C/P fat Candle. Resize by 50%. Position towards the bottom of the pink candles. Duplicate and position on the opposite side of the pink candles.

C/P Barbwire. Resize by 50%. Position in the area between the 2 clusters. Duplicate and mirror. Move duplicate down so both wires show.

C/P Bottle. Resize by 30%. Duplicate and move one bottle slightly down and to the left. 

C/P Emo bunny. Resize by 30%. Position just over the higher bottle.

C/P Razorblade. Resize by 20%. Use your deform tool to position over the bottom of the candles.

C/P Skull dagger. Resize by 50%. Use your deform tool to position over the razorblade.

Add your copyright and watermark.

Add you name. I made a Gradient from the colors in my tube. I also added a black gradient and drop shadow.

Thanks for trying this tutorial !!

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  1. That turned out awesome!!! I love that poser!!