Thursday, August 16, 2012

Catching Dreams tut...FTU

Supplies Used:
Raven II tube by Zindy. This tube is part of the witch pack that can be found HERE.
Moon Rises FTU Sampler by Gothic Inspirations. Get it from her blog HERE.
Font: AL Meaningful

Ok so you know how sometimes less is more? This is one of those times. This is a super easy tut but the fact of the matter is this is what I thought best suited the tube. Hope you enjoy it!

Open a new image size 500 by 500.
C/P Frame 3.
Resize frame by 60%.
Select the inside of the frame with your magic wand.
Selections, Modify, Expand by 3.
Add a new raster layer under the frame layer.
C/P Paper 4 into selection.
Dropshadow frame.
C/P Cloud. 
Resize by 50%.
Dropshadow cloud.
Position at the top of your frame.
C/P Half Moon.
Resize by 30%. 
Dropshadow moon.
Position over the top right side of the frame.
C/P Soft Spill.
Image, Rotate, Free Rotate 90 degrees.
Resize soft spill by 40%.
Dropshadow Soft Spill.
Position at the bottom of the frame.
C/P Sparkles. 
Resize Sparkles by 50%.
Position starting near the middle of the bottom of the frame.
Dropshadow Sparkles.
C/P Pattern.
Resize Pattern by 40%.
Dropshadow Pattern.
Duplicate pattern & Mirror.
Position both pattern layers over the bottom of the frame.
C/P your tube.
C/P Dream catcher. (This is a layer from the tube not in the kit. If you don't have the dream catcher you could always substitute the Word art, Flower, or even the winged heart.)
Resize Dream Catcher by 75%.
Dropshadow Dream Catcher.
Position over the top curve of the moon.
Apply your font.
Add Inner bevel of choice.
Change the opacity of your font to around 80. (I did not use a dropshadow on the font.)
Don't forget your copyright & Watermark.

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